Paul Ricards Islands



Owning of the industrialist Paul Ricard since 1950, this island is an attractive place for a walk, well-known by the tourists. 

Frequent junctions by boat, the crossing takes 7 minutes.

During summertime, the Universal Exhibition of Wines displays about 8000 bottles proceeding from 51 different countries in a large hall decorated with frescoes.

The exhibition about the creation of the island and the biography of Paul Ricard are also displayed in the art gallery.

You will discover a footpath around the island, art and craft shops, hotels and restaurants.

Acess to Bendor Island 

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Owning of the industrialist Paul Ricard, you can visit the oceanographic institute Paul Ricard, built in 1966...

...where you can observe 27 seawater aquariums which provide a natural environment for some hundred species of Mediterranean aquatic animals.

The museum Paul Ricard displays paintings of the industrialist and his own family.

You can also discover numerous footpaths, the village with the chapel Sainte-Cécile and the port.

Frequent junctions by boat, the crossing takes 10 minutes from Le Brusc.,Access to Les Embiez Island.

Access to Les Embiez Island

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