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La clé Bandolaise suggests great management for your holiday rentals. If you're interested in getting additional incomes or simply refund your own expenses, that's the best choice ever. 

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L A  C O N C I E R G E R I E

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You are a property owner that you rent ? Want to rent or either you live occasionally.

You want to facilitate your daily life while taking advantage and valorize, bring an added value to your patrimony.

You Remain at your disposal at all time and offers its services of stewardship maintenance of property so as its exclusive concierge services in the region of the Var :

Private concierge services






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06 58 30 06 66


Vous êtes propriétaire de biens que vous louez ou occupez occasionnellement, vous souhaitez vous faciliter le quotidien, tout en profitant et en valorisant votre patrimoine.

La Conciergerie - DMP Excellence vous propose ses services d'intendance et de maintenance de propriété ainsi que ses services de conciergerie privée dans le Var.

Conciergerie privée - Intendance et Maintenance de propriété





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