On this page, we wish to highlight Bandol & South Sainte-Baume district thanks to our partners press releases, keeping our resort as an ideal location. 



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Oktober 2019


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- French Riviera Islands

- Bendor & Les Embiez : Paul Ricard Islands

- Bandol, a nautical resort famous worldwide for its AOC wines

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4 L    T R O P H Y    2 0 1 8 

21st rally 


Originally created in 1997, 4L Trophy is officially the main student rally in Europe, with more than 3720 miles, travelling for 10 days, in France, Spain, & Morocco..

More than 2900 race drivers got involved in 2017, this means 1450 Renault 4L cars used for this outstanding humanitarian adventure, whom departure was in Biarritz.


4L Trophy was an orienteering race : each team's classification depended on the number of miles they did.
So the most classified team won because they travellled less miles. 

This rally was mainly a humanitarian project. Drivers wished to ease access to education for morrocan children, going off with a minimum of 50 kilos of school supplies to give.



Thanks to the 4L Trophy, 5 new schools were built in 2017, and more than

20 000 children got material assistance (80 tons of supplies were collected)










On the left, Paupau, 23 years old, from Bandol, is following a work & study programm at Montpellier Business School.
She's a big Céline Dion fan, also full of great energy, she just couldn't wait bringing tens of tips & tricks to moroccan kids.

On the right, Pipi, 24 years old, from Le Barcarès, is also following a master 2 level at Montpellier Business School.
Fond of travelling, but in love with "her South region", Pia   mais adepte de son Sud, Pia was craving for a big adventure & intended to win the race.
Their friendship happened in Montpellier, continued during studies in foreign universities in England.
Since then, they share an apartement at l’Ambianz in Paris.

BandolTourisme supported this sport & humanitarian event, as the official sponsor of their team.


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Article & video taken from journal Sud Ouest





R O U G E S    E T    B L A N C S    E N    P R O V E N C E

Februar  2017


 BANDOL : Red wines Of Excellence.


Guillaume Tari, president of the Wine Growers Association has so much more to share than than just  a glass of rosé.




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C O T E    M A G A Z I N E

Dezember  2017


V A R    M A T I N :  M E R    N A T U R E    A S S O C I A T I O N 

August 2017



Mer Nature is an association which main mission is to spread knowledge & news about  heritage culture, both naturalistical & scientifical, but also information about environmental protection.

They're also involved into citizen initiative projects related to shores of the Mediterranean, Aegean & Black Seas.


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