The last area of ​​Bandol before Saint-Cyr-sur-mer, discover the Graviers Nord, a well-kept secret district.

mystery and sight of bandol

This area of ​​town is directly across from his southern counterpart, above the railway line. If you have been diligent and if you have found out about the other districts, you have certainly understood that this railway line delimits a lot of the Bandolean areas!

Although it has the appearance of a residential area, this is a neighborhood that turns out to be more interesting than expected. Did you know, here begins the famous rise of Roustagnon, part of the hike Bandol Classic. And if these names mean nothing to you, come see us atTourist Office so that we can tell you everything!

Quartier Graviers Nord Bandol

In a few words, from this path in Roustagnon, you can climb to the top of Bandol and admire the most spectacular view of the city. And this is the case at any time of the day or night. A dazzling view of Harbour with visibility up to the beak of the eagle of La Ciotat. Spectacular we told you.

But be careful, because it is very easy to get off the trail and land on private property, obviously prohibited access. This is why, if you want to know more and unlock the secret of Roustagnon, we will be happy to inform you at the reception of our office.

Quartier Graviers Nord Bandol

Slightly gray area, no public transport is available in this part of the city.



Les Graviers Sud

Pierreplane Nord

La Bandol Classic

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