Sometimes, the heart of the city, the nerve center for many businesses and artisans, and also the historic center, discover our city center, also called the “old town”.

The soul of bandol

Nothing beats the pleasure of walking in the city center on a beautiful sunny morning and letting yourself be caught up in the surrounding tumult. First there is the rue des écoles, where there are primary and nursery schools, an annex town hall and small shops. Besides, beware of gourmands because the scents of chocolate, hot bread and pastries have already capsized more than one. An advice, do not hesitate to get lost in the small colorful streets, a change of scenery guaranteed.

A little further on we come to the Place de la Mairie, where each morning is held the small food market. This square is a bit like the main square of the city. Where the events are held in the summer, where you come to drink a coffee on the terrace and also where you come to celebrate moments of happiness such as weddings, baptisms... A real place of life.

Then begins on Quai Charles de Gaulle, with its shops and promenade where beautiful ephemeral exhibitions are frequently enthroned. If we cross the road, we arrive on the other side of the quay, side port, where quite astonishingly small Provencal points and large yachts.

Pretty beaches sand are also present, responding to the names of Renecrosbeach Centrale, beach of Casino or even Grand Vallat.

location of Bandoles city center

SERVICES & equipment

Transport available

  • SNCF train station, just 15 minutes walk from the port;
  • Bus stops for the lines Bandol Bus, 880 and 885 ;
  • Terminal taxis ;
  • 4 parking ;
  • Location cars and scooters.


  • Food businesses : supermarkets, caterers, grocery stores, butchers, rotisseries, bars, ice cream parlors, bakeries, pastries;
  • Non-food businesses : hardware stores, decoration stores, real estate agencies, clothing stores, tobacconists, pharmacies, banks, distributors;
  • Administrative : Town hall, CCAS, the Tourist Office, Captaincy, Police, Post…


  • Outings at sea : creeks, dolphins, Porquerolles;
  • Equipment rental : paddle, kayak, boat;
  • Culture : art gallery, cultural center, media library, theatre, church, wine bar;
  • For children : merry-go-round, playground;
  • Gaming casino ;
  • Diving centers ;
  • Beaches sand ;
  • Historical route, guide to download here.
  • Botanical route, guide to download here.


Les marchés de Bandol

Activités nautiques

Le parcours historique

Les plages

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