Bandol is fortunate to be surrounded by mountains offering beautiful climbing routes. So if you are wondering where to climb around Bandol, prepare your harness and take notes!

climb to the destel, in the gorges of Ollioules

The Destel is located at 20 minutes by car from Bandol. Its setting: the impressive Gorges from Ollioules. Enjoying a southwest exposure, the right bank of the Destel will offer you beautiful sunshine, while the left bank will remain in the shade for a good part of the year. You will be able to climb its routes all year round, even in summer when temperatures are higher, shade side.

Channel characteristics:

  • Number of sectors and channels: approximately 31 for +/- 500 channels
  • Height of routes: between 80 and 230m (long routes up to 10 pitches)
  • Ratings: between 5b to 7a, with a route rated 7b in the Caligula sector

To find out more about this cliff, we invite you to consult its dedicated page on the site. :

climb Baou, in Toulon

Où grimper aux alentours de Bandol

The Baou, pronounced locally "le bAo", and officially called " the Baou of the 4 Ouros“, is a historic cliff located in the heights of Toulon. Although its name means "Rocky peak of the 4 winds", its walls are very pleasant to climb. This, thanks to its southern exposure, offering exceptional sunshine all year round and a breathtaking view of Toulon and its bay.

Symbol of the evolution of the high level in the world of climbing, thanks in particular to Patrick Edlinger, the Baou is today accessible to climbers of all levels, even beginners.

Channel characteristics:

  • Number of sectors and lanes: 25 sectors for around 425 lanes
  • Lane height: up to 90m
  • Ratings: from 2 to 8b

Learn more on the Baou, its approach, its history … do not hesitate to consult its dedicated page on the site, available by clicking here:

climb Faron, in Toulon

Have you ever heard of this name? Mount Faron is well known in the region thanks to its cable car which makes accessible all year round, to young and old, one of the best views around.

Well Faron also climbs. And that's why, several sectors available to you including: the Faron Cistern, the Faron North, the Faron Lierres, the Faron Tataouine, the Faron Cable car… The best known and appreciated by families being the Faron “Cisterne” for its easy routes and its magnificent view of the bay of Toulon. The whole accessible in 45 minutes car since Bandol.

Channel characteristics:

  • Number of sectors and lanes: 13 sectors for around 470 lanes
  • Lane height: up to 45m
  • Grades: from 3a to 9a

climb in the creeks, between cassis and Marseille

Grimper calanques cassis

Creeks, another monument in the region. To discover on foot, by boat, and even in slippers! The particularity of these cliffs: its perimeter from Cassis à Marseille, its rocks sometimes ocher and sometimes white and of course, its panoramic views on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

To get there, you will have to walk a little more than the other sectors. The creeks that are part of a National Park, you will not be able to park at the bottom of the tracks. So you will have to do a minimum of 50 minutes by car followed by a 5 minute walk for the easiest cliffs to 1 hour walk for the furthest cliffs.

Channel characteristics:

  • Number of channels: more than 3000 channels
  • Lane height: up to 45m
  • Ratings: from 3a to 8b+

To learn more about the cliffs of the Calanques of Marseille and Cassis and on their access, do not hesitate to consult their dedicated page on the site by clicking here:

where to buy a climbing topo?

To find out about all the routes available on the massifs, you can (and you even have to) get climbing topo. Although these are not available in traditional bookstores, you will find them at Decathlon. The closest to us is that of Ollioules in about fifteen minutes by car from Bandol. For store information, click here:

Attention danger

Climbing remains a sport that can be very dangerous. The information given on this site is for information only and are only very short summaries of all the elements you will need to launch yourself on a cliff. This is why, in addition, we invite you to consult the specialized sites offered in links and study the routes thanks to the different climbing topos. Only then can you start a route.

The sectors mentioned here are all equipped and listed in climbing topos.

Finally, our region may be subject to closures of massifs between June and September. So remember to consult the access map of the Var massifs, or that of Bouches-du-Rhône for the Calanques, updated every evening at 18 p.m. in summer, to find out about any closures. To view them, click here:

where to climb around bandol?

– Le Destel, in the Gorges of Ollioules
– Le Baou, in Toulon
– Le Faron, in Toulon
– The Calanques, between Cassis and Marseille

Do not start without first consulting the climbing topos, available in particular at Decathlon.

From June to September, period of risk of fire, remember to consult the maps of closure of the massifs.

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