the will: to represent bandol, the real

In 2023, we wanted to create new posters of our beloved city. After the vintage illustrations of Editions Clouet and the beautiful holiday visuals of Mr Z, make way today for everyday moments, make way for authenticity and simplicity, make way for Bandol, the real thing.

Thus, 7 creations came out of the mind of a talented artist from Bandol. Each of them highlights a emblematic place of the city and above all, a moment of life. Frozen moments that all Bandol lovers have experienced at least once. And above all, different atmospheres on each of the illustrations, to present the palette of colors that our beautiful city offers us all year round.

We are pleased to present to you the new posters of Bandol, by Bandol Tourisme…

New visuals by Bandol Tourisme

Want to crack?

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PS: these illustrations also exist in postcards and magnets!

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