We have imagined for you products that will accompany you everywhere. Essentials for a great holiday with us and something to bring back with you.


  • Chilean: 65€
  • Triple pack + bag: €75
  • Triplet Bandol Obut: 60€
  • Bandol Obut triple bag: €18
  • Poster 2022: 15€
  • Set of 4 cups: € 6
  • Magnet: 6 €
  • Sticker: 3€
  • Large keychain (10 x 2,5cm): € 2

pocket trip advisor

The last to arrive the tourism office : the “Bandol, 320 days of sunshine a year” keyring. A little gem that does double duty. Yes, because in addition to being very pretty, it is very practical. The QR code on the back allows you to access our website in a flash. And so, to have all the information you will need for your stay. Smart isn't it?

To be provided with the keys of your seasonal rental, to facilitate the stay of guests or to offer yourself!

QR code keyring: €4.


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