Bandol is a source of inspiration for many authors. Its history, its geography, its characters and its territory are all subjects conducive to curiosity and discovery.

The Bandol book

All of the topics listed above can be found in the very beautiful book by Carole Cozanet, humbly called "Bandol". This book is more than an inventory of the city, it's a real human adventure. More than thirty people, Bandolais and / or lovers of Bandol, participated in the realization of this work.

We are pleased to present this beautiful book to you. on sale at the office for €40.

THE destination guide

guide de destination Bandol

Here is a real guide to Bandol, thought, written and produced by those who live and work there all year round. Inside, we tell you about our wonders to discover, our secrets, our hidden corners, the treasures that you can only appreciate if you know the city well.

Good news: this guide is available at the Tourist Office, for the modest sum of 2 €, the cost of printing a booklet. Or in free download here.

wine heritage

In general, when you think of Bandol, wine is never far away. And for good reason, AOC Bandol wines are the pride of our destination. So it was necessary to have a book to talk about these last ones, by going from the taster to the work of those who knew how to hoist these wines to such a high level of quality and typicality. This is the story of this land and these trades told by Pascal Pèrier (responsible for Bandol Oenotheque) and Pierre Citerne (member of the tasting committee of the Revue du Vin de France).

On sale at the tourist office for €17,50.


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