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Distance: from 12 to 24 km
Duration: from 3 to 6 hours
Elevation: 60m
Difficulty : Intermediate
Type of route: Hike
Suitable for children? Yes
Accepted animals ? Yes (Kept on a leash)
Food points on the way? Yes
Water points on the way? Yes
Important: Frequent ascents and descents, roots, path sometimes on the edge of the cliff.

The Coastal Path is the flagship walk in Bandol. A way to take in the sights and discover the coastal flora of the Var. A natural gem to explore from the Bandol city center to the Madrague port in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer. Here's everything you need to know about this beautiful hike.

find out about the coastal path

1. Check the weather conditions

Like all hikes, it is important to prepare before setting out. Rule number 1 is to check the weather. Because if this coastal path is magnificent in good weather, it can be dangerous in storms or too violent mistral.

🌞 Good to know: In summer, this hike may be closed due to a high fire risk (drought, wind, heatwave, etc.). To find out if the coast can accommodate you, from June to September, do not hesitate to consult the opening map of the massifs. This is updated the day before around 18 p.m. for the next day. If the territory appears as red as a bad sunburn, then the trail is closed. Otherwise, your walk may well take place. To access this famous map, click here:

2. Know the hiking markings

The coastal path, as its name suggests, follows the Var coast from Bandol to Saint-Cyr-sur-mer. If the latter begins at the Bandolais port and its urban atmosphere, you will quickly leave the concrete of the roads for the dirt of the paths. This is where markup will come into play: yellow lines on the trees. Locate these marks which will guide you throughout your walk.

3. prepare your equipment

On your way, you will come across beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. However, this is no reason to go hiking in flip flops, sandals and other slippers. Small anthology of what you will encounter on the trail: lots of climbs and descents, dirt tracks, many roots and above all, very little urban terrain. Our advice is therefore to favor a good pair of sneakers.

Furthermore, from Tennis Club Bandol (next to Capelan beach), you will no longer find restaurants, snack bars and other food outlets. So remember to embark on this walk with a reasonable quantity of water and something to take a little gourmet break.

Finally, if a good part of the trail takes place under the Var canopy, another will take place in full sun. Hat, cap, sunglasses and of course, sunscreen will be your best allies.

💡 Our tip : Jellyfish are our friends! We're not talking about the little slimy creatures that sometimes have the bad idea of ​​coming to visit us, but about the water shoes that save our feet from the pebbles. A must have in Bandol, which will allow you to enjoy all the coves without hassle. A must have in your backpack!

4. Where to park to do the coastal path?

The best thing is still to park in the parking lots from the city center (Casino, Central or the Stadium). This will allow you to start your walk from the port of Bandol to that of Madrague in Saint-Cyr-sur-mer. However, other solutions are also possible, but highly coveted:

  • Park at Deferrari parking : located just after the Stadium, at the end of the port, the latter is still in the city center and is free all year round. Two arguments which make it a very popular solution, especially in summer.
  • Park in the parking lot Municipal Tennis : positioned directly on the coastal path, this very small car park can be a good option for those who want to immerse themselves directly in nature. That said, you will miss certain Bandolean beaches.
  • Opt for places along the coast : from the port to Capelan beach, the road is littered with parking spaces. However, in the middle of summer, these are also in high demand.

💡 Our tip : if you are a group with several cars, park one at the Calanque de Port d'Alon (1 hour 30 minutes' walk from Bandol) or at the port of Madrague (3 hours' walk) and one in Bandol. You will then be able to make only the outward journey you wish and return by your own means.

5. Final Tips

Also find out about the route so that you can take it as easily as possible. To do this, you can download the Bandol hiking map by clicking right here ; or contact one of the two following tourist offices:

  • Bandol Tourist Office: 04 94 29 41 35
  • Tourist Office of Saint-Cyr-sur-mer: 04 94 26 73 73

route from Bandol to the Calanque de Port d’Alon

6,3 km, approximately 1 hours of walking (30 km and 12,6 hours round trip)

The trail starts in Bandol, from Harbour or our Tourist Office. cross Renecros, the town's beautiful sandy beach, follow the pretty pebble coves then overlook the sea to have a view above the water and admire the umbrella pines bent by the wind. From Engraviers beach, the adventure really begins. See you later Bandol and hello the Var forest of Saint-Cyr-sur-mer!

As you walk along, you will come across a rock well known to the locals, the submarine ". A piece of land located just before the Port d'Alon cove and which looks exactly like a submarine. This place is especially popular with young people from the surrounding area who come to climb it in the summer (not without risk, it is important to remember) to do a few dives.

After about 2 hours of walking, you will arrive at the famous Calanque de Port d'Alon. This cove will be your place to take a break, the place where you can spread out your towel to enjoy a sunbath or put on your mask and snorkel to explore the seabed. All in a typical local setting: pebble beach, umbrella pines, crystal clear sea and song of cicadas.

???? Our tip : the best is to leave at the end of the morning with a picnic. You can then stop at Port d'Alon to snack on something and have a great afternoon, before starting the return to Bandol.

itinerary From Port d’Alon to the madrague in saint-cyr-sur-mer

+ 6 km, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes of walking (+ 12 km and 3 hours round trip)

If after your break in Port d'Alon, you still don't want to go back, the other half of the coastal path awaits you. Cross the cove and take the path that goes up. Your walk will then continue for around two good hours of walking to the charming port of trap. On your way, the landscapes will be as beautiful as ever, sometimes with even more spectacular views.

Sentier du littoral pin penché Bandol

⛔️ Good to know : this second part is more dizzying than the first. You will sometimes be on the side of cliffs, from time to time you will have to walk very close to the edge... In short, if you are afraid of heights or if you are walking with children, we advise you to stop at Port d'Alon and turn around to return to Bandol.

For the return from Madrague, three options are available to you:

  • Make the return Strolling along : take the same path as on the way out. Please note, at this time we are on a full day hike with, from Bandol, approximately 6 hours of walking for 24 km round trip.
  • Take the train from Saint-Cyr-les-Lecques station: please note that you will need an additional 40 minutes of walking to get there. The advantage however is that there are trains every hour, all day.
  • Take bus 880 from the Le Viguier stop: accessible in 30 minutes on foot, the frequency is however rather limited (one or two buses per day). To view timetables, click here.

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Each year, over the period from June 21 to September 20, the forest massifs are regulated by prefectural decree. Before embarking on a hike, make sure it is wide open.

For that, you can consult the massifs map by clicking here.

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