Bandol en février


Bandol in February

Posted on 1.03.2024
And yes, winter is also experienced in Bandol. With extraordinary colors to boot. Love nature and beautiful landscapes? Here is what awaits you for your next vacation in Bandol. 🌳 Want a breath of fresh air? Head for the coastal path and its walk combining the Mediterranean and coastal landscapes. 💡 […]

Bandol en décembre


Bandol in december

Posted on 1.01.2024
The year 2023 has just ended and with it the month of December. Month of celebrations, month of light, month of magic, December is not to be outdone in Bandol! Find out what your next vacation with us could look like. Do you want more ? Head to our Instagram account @bandoltourismeofficiel! And if you take photos, don’t hesitate to let us know […]

Visiter Bandol en hiver


Visit Bandol in winter

Posted on 27.12.2023
We cannot deny it, winter is indeed here. But that's no reason to rush to ski resorts and forget about the coast, quite the contrary. Between hikes, discovery of Var culture, urban stroll, Provencal markets, wines, brunch, picnic on the beach and other various pleasures and […]

Bandol en novembre


Bandol in November

Posted on 1.12.2023
Another superb month has just ended in our city. If you weren't there, here are some photos that might make you fall for your next vacation. Do you want more ? Head to our Instagram account @bandoltourismeofficiel! And if you take pictures, don't hesitate to tag us with #bandol or #bandoltourisme. We will share your best shots on our networks!

Bandol en octobre


Bandol in october

Posted on 2.11.2023
October is a special month in Bandol. Indian summer is coming to an end, winter is almost here and the marriage of the two gives sublime golden lights and magnificent sunsets. Here is a small preview of this wonder. Do you want more ? Head to our Instagram account @bandoltourismeofficiel! And if you take pictures, do not hesitate […]

Bandol en septembre


Bandol in september

Posted on 2.10.2023
We told you in one of our last articles: the month of September in Bandol is magical. To prove it to you, here is an overview of our late season. Be careful, a strong desire for vacation may invade you by looking at this article! So, are you on the verge of taking your leave? […]