Stages et activités de l’été pour les enfants à Bandol


Summer courses and activities for children in Bandol

Posted on 10.06.2024
The question that burns on the lips of all parents and grandparents: how can I keep my children busy this summer?! Well, all you had to do was ask. Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities in Bandol to fill your little ones' days that are a little too empty. Good reading ! Internships in Bandol learning to sail […]

Bandol au mois de mai


Bandol in May

Posted on 1.06.2024
Because we said to ourselves that ultimately the best way to make you want to come is to show you in pictures what awaits you, here is the anthology of the month of May in Bandol. 🇮🇹 Bandol is enjoying its Dolce Vita: for two years Italy has been inviting itself alongside the experts at the port of Bandol. […]

Zoom sur nos voisins : visite de Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer


Focus on our neighbors: visit to Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

Posted on 15.05.2024
The least we can say is that Bandol is spoiled! In addition to the treasures that the city contains, it is also surrounded by superb surroundings. Indeed, just a stone's throw from your future dream rental, there are charming towns with attractive attractions. In this series of articles, we want to highlight […]

Zoom sur nos voisins : visite de Sanary-sur-Mer


Focus on our neighbors: visit to Sanary-sur-Mer

Posted on 20.04.2024
Bandol is fortunate to be surrounded by superb surroundings. Several pretty little towns with undeniable assets, located just a few minutes from your future Bandolese vacation rental. Through a series of dedicated articles, we wanted to highlight these Var pearls. And our tour starts in Sanary-sur-Mer. Summary: Where […]

Visite du Moulin à huile d’olive du Partégal


Visit to the Partégal olive oil mill

Posted on 25.03.2024
For this new episode of the “we tested it for you” series, we had the chance to enjoy a truly gourmet experience: a visit to an old olive oil mill. So, get ready, because we are going to tell you everything in great detail. Let’s head towards the Moulin du Partégal! […]

Bandol en février


Bandol in February

Posted on 1.03.2024
And yes, winter is also experienced in Bandol. With extraordinary colors to boot. Love nature and beautiful landscapes? Here is what awaits you for your next vacation in Bandol. 🌳 Want a breath of fresh air? Head for the coastal path and its walk combining the Mediterranean and coastal landscapes. 💡 […]