7 lieux inédits à visiter aux alentours de Bandol


7 unique places to visit around Bandol

Posted on 13.02.2024
With this article, we want to think outside the box. We would like to tell you about places still new to this site, but so familiar in our hearts. A clever mix of childhood memories and somewhat recent discoveries that we would like to share with you. Our guarantee: points to visit at least […]

Top 3 des lieux pour admirer le feu d’artifice


Top 3 places to admire the fireworks

Posted on 16.08.2023
Next August 21 will be the second fireworks display of the summer. And so that you can appreciate it at best, here are our top 3 places to admire it. Why August 21? August 21 in Bandol is a bit like our own national holiday. The day Bandol was freed from […]

4 endroits pour un apéro sunset à Bandol


4 places for a sunset aperitif in Bandol

Posted on 20.07.2023
Here you are on vacation with us and two existential questions torment you: where to have an aperitif? And where to admire the sunset? Don't panic, breathe, we have the solution for you. And even a 2-in-1 solution. Let us introduce you to our 4 ideal addresses in Bandol where you can enjoy a sunset aperitif […]

Top 11 des spots instagrammables à Bandol


Top 11 Instagrammable spots in Bandol

Posted on 3.07.2023
Looking for unique places to create lasting memories? Do you like to share your photos and videos with your family, friends or followers? Then you've come to the right place. 🙂 These are not 10, but 11 spots that we share with you to spice up your Instagram feed! 1. like a […]

3 bonnes raisons de passer vos vacances d’été à Bandol


3 good reasons to spend your summer holidays in Bandol

Posted on 16.03.2023
The time for preparations is already here. Your weeks off are over and now the big question is: where to spend your summer vacation in France? Well imagine that we have the answer: Bandol. 1. the essentials: sun, sea and nature Let's start with the obvious, the number one argument of holidaymakers who come […]

5 endroits où bruncher à Bandol


5 places to brunch in Bandol

Posted on 6.03.2023
Want a brunch in the sun in our beautiful city? Here are 5 ideas for places to brunch in Bandol. Gourmet brunch: Ness Pâtisserie Sunday, 10 a.m. to 13 p.m., on site, reservation recommended, €20/person Ness Pâtisserie is a delicacy hidden in a cobbled alley in the city center. Here, all […]