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The opening of the exhibition of monumental sculptures by the artist Benoît de Souza will take place on February 2 at 18 p.m. at the Rallaisou gallery.

Using a whole array of tools, Benoît de Souza transforms the material into enigmatic and aerial works of art that seem to mix the mechanical and the organic. Certain elements such as plowshares are recycled and found in his works.

The sculptor strives to provide a forward-looking and non-historical vision of art which should help today's man to evolve in direct contact with the true creative and liberating possibilities of our time.

It brings to these open-air exhibition spaces a particular and distinctive sign, “a curiosity” visible to all and from afar, beyond the simple window it offers.

Welding and soldering, forging, anvil, blowtorch, his work focuses on total freedom of form. The pieces develop slowly in an intuitive, even instinctive gestation, which gives them this characteristic, truly organic quality. Sensuality of the folds and curves, the cutting hardness of the vectors, the assumed complexity of the sources and the richness of the vocabulary combine here in an incessant balance of forces.


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