Provence of scents and colors. It is she who produces the thousand and one flavors of herbs, fruits and vegetables that float along the markets and give flavor to Provençal cuisine. And Bandol is no exception. Discover our markets.

The daily market

Place de la Liberté, 8 a.m. / 13 ​​p.m.

Early morning, when the alleys are still calm and the sun not quite up, a ballet takes place every day on the square of the town hall. Stands are set up, friendly words are exchanged, wonders take place and odors begin to be felt. Then the first customers arrive, most of them regulars, others curious. This is how this seemingly calm square comes to life every morning.

Here you will find everything you will need. Of the fruits and vegetables seasonal and local, fish fresh, shellfish, cheeses and other local products. But that's not all. Very gourmands will also find what they are looking for: fresh pasta stand, local specialties like the famous cade toulonnaise, fresh and sunny dishes prepared every day to delight our taste buds. The choice is endless.

Cade toulonnaise Bandol

The big market

Tuesday morning, main platform, 8 a.m. / 13 ​​p.m.

Once a week, Tuesday morning, another ballet is being played out. A much bigger one this time! Every week, the port is transformed into a real Provençal market. Colors, smells, visual pleasure and delicacies, all our senses are awakened to fully appreciate the event.

Marché Bandol

You will obviously find stands of fresh fruit and vegetables, run by the local producers, lover of the land and wishing to share their beautiful work with us. But that's not all. Bandolais fishermen are also present with their treasures just out of the water.

Poisson pêcheur Bandol

Regional products are also there with honey, olives, olive oils or even breads, pastries. Other shopping ideas such as clothing, kitchen equipment, tablecloths, jewelry and even accessories are also offered by merchants.

Marché Bandol

And even if you are not looking for any of this, we assure you that simply stroll among these beautiful colorful stands will immediately immerse you in a southern atmosphere that you will never want to leave.

The night market

From July 1 to September 8, 2024, on the main platform, from 18 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Every season, when the days get longer and the more pleasant temperatures, a night market is held every evening on Harbour. Here, no fruits or vegetables and even less fish but a designer village.

Marché nocturne Bandol
Marché nocturne Bandol

After an outdoor dinner in one of the restaurants of the city, we invite you to come and stroll here, among the stalls and enjoy the sweetness of the evening. As you progress, discover the work of local artisans through jewelry, paintings, ceramics and other original creations. Enjoy the colors and the spectacle of this beautiful night market by the sea.


In Bandol we have 3 markets:
- The daily : on Place de la Liberté (Place de la Mairie), from 9 a.m. to 13 p.m.
- weekly : Tuesday, on the main platform, from 8 a.m. to 13 p.m.
- The nocturnal : in summer only, on the main quay, from 19 p.m.

To know the market days of the surrounding villages, download the market guide.

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