In addition to our 3 Bandolese markets, several towns and villages in the surrounding area such as Sanary-sur-mer, Six-Fours-les-Plage or Saint-Cyr-sur-mer also have their market day. Here's all the information you'll need!

what are the market days in the west var?

And the Monday ? Sleep, beach and relaxation of course!

Good to know : don't miss the market of Seyne-sur-Mer and from Cours Lafayette to Toulon who are present every day except Monday, with a superb cade stand (Toulon specialty) for the last one!

Sanary-sur-mer, the most beautiful market in France

It was in 2018 that the market for Sanary-sur-Mer rose to fame by becoming the most beautiful market in France. A well-deserved recognition for this typical Provencal place of life. So, every wednesday morning, the market begins in the town's small fishing port and continues a little further into the center, just after the bandstand.

For the occasion, the whole port becomes pedestrian, which makes the experience even more enjoyable! It's easy to get lost among the smells of simmered dishes, the avalanche of colors of local fruits and vegetables and the freshness of fish caught the same day. Let yourself be tempted by a tasting of fresh sea urchins (in winter, when it's in season of course), accompanied by a glass of AOC Bandol white wine. Happiness.

To get there :

Friday: Beausset market

Every Friday morning, the village of Beausset is animated by its large Provençal market. It is in its heart, on the Place de la Mairie more precisely, that you can stroll from stand to stand and succumb to the various local products available: honey, olive oil, aromatic herbs and of course seasonal fruits and vegetables. Something to make your mouth water!

Pour s'y rendre : there are very few buses that connect Bandol au Beausset. There simply aren't any in the morning during school time. If you wish to try the experience during school holidays, it will be with line 880. This is why the car remains the easiest option the rest of the year. Allow around fifteen minutes to drive via the D559.


A market has been established Map of Le Castellet, the country producers market. Every Saturday morning, in the square in front of the Salle des Fêtes and the Boulodrome, meet 17 producers from Le Castellet and surrounding villages to offer you the best of our region. On the menu: wine, cold meats, cheese, honey, bread, shellfish, cooked dishes and many other delicacies to savor!

Pour s'y rendre : unfortunately there are no buses that connect Bandol au Castellet Saturday morning, for the market. On the other hand, you can absolutely get there by car. Allow around ten minutes to drive, via the D559, also called “Route du Beausset”.

Sunday: market of saint-cyr-sur-mer and the cadière d'azur


Take advantage of this last day of the week, perhaps the first morning of your vacation, to stock up on good local products. Meet at Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, at the Square Gabriel Péri to take part in the big Sunday market. Between food stalls with bewitching smells and Provençal crafts in bright colors, take the time to soak up the Provençal atmosphere that reigns there.

Pour s'y rendre : there are very few buses that connect Bandol à Saint-Cyr on Sunday. If you choose to give it a shot anyway, it will be with line 880 but be careful, if several departures are planned in the morning, you will have to wait until the end of the afternoon to return (more buses are available during school holidays). You can, however, get there by car. Count about fifteen minutes drive. Car parks are available in the city, near the market.

The cadière d'Azur

Small Provencal market, counting approximately around ten local producers. Located at heart of the village of the Cadière d'Azur, Town Hall Square, you will find seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, cheeses and even pizzas, as well as non-food stands of clothes, utensils and other products.

Pour s'y rendre : same as for Saint-Cyr, there are very few buses that connect Bandol à La Cadière d'Azur. There simply aren't any in the morning during the school term, for the market. If you want to try the experience during school holidays, it will be with line 880, “Chemin des Baumes” stop at the Cadière d'Azur. Then a 10/15 minute walk awaits you to reach the village. Thereby, the car remains the easiest option the rest of the year. Count about ten minutes drive.


Market hours: 8 p.m. to 13 p.m.

Buses used : the bus 885 for Sanary-sur-mer and the bus 880 Direction for Cadières d'Azur and Beausset (only during school holidays). Both departing from Bandol, from Gaming casino located at the end of the quay.
Bus fares : 3€ one way and 5€ round trip.

Predictable : money, the merchants taking for the majority only the species.

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