If there's one thing we care about, it's traditions. And there is one which is no exception to the rule: pétanque. Regional sport par excellence, do not miss part of the Bandolese identity!

Did you know ?

Only 10 km from Bandol is the cradle of petanque. This discipline was created in 1907 in La Ciotat. While Jules Hugues nicknamed “Lenoir”, an Ace of the Provencal game, suffers from rheumatism preventing him from practicing his favorite sport, he has an idea. What if instead of taking a step before throwing the ball, we stayed with our feet stuck in the circle? Petanque was born.

In 1910 the word “tanqué”, which indicates the fact of remaining within a circular limit to play (feet together), had the right to its officialization. This was made on the occasion of the first pétanque or “pés tanqués” competition on the historic “Jules Lenoir” bowling alley in La Ciotat.

Bandol's Dolce Vita

Whether you're young or old, young or old, tourist or local, we've all tried pétanque at least once. The ritual is as follows: after a beautiful sunny morning at Brive market, followed by a well-deserved little nap in the cool, it's time to meet up in front booth, on the bowling green. The principle is simple, just throw the jack, arm yourself with your triplet and shoot or point depending on the position of the balls and above all don't finish Fanny. Simple, we told you!

You shoot or you point ?

Behind this famous expression “you shoot or you point” lies a real strategic choice which can allow the bowler to reverse the game. Because it is important not to be misunderstood: pétanque is a real sport which requires discipline and which has its own rules and competitions. Numerous tournaments including a world championship are organized each year.

where to play pétanque in bandol?

In Bandol, you can play petanque in 2 places:

  • A large plot is located near the Kiosk located Allées Alfred Vivien, on Harbour, with a direct view of the boats.
  • Several plots of land have also been developed between the Municipal tennis and Capelin beach, in the park joining the two. Umbrella pine atmosphere, sea view and sound of the waves... Bandol, the real one!

the petanque of the office

La pétanque de l'Office Bandol

Every Wednesday evening in summer, we are organizing a special holiday pétanque tournament. At stake, the very prestigious title of Pétanque Champion of Bandol and also and above all numerous gifts generously offered by our partners. To learn more, it's here :


La Boule Bandolaise – “Le Chalet”, 38 Allées Alfred Vivien – 83150 Bandol – 07 50 91 53 86

Affiliated with the FFPJP (French Federation of Petanque and Provençal Game), the Bandolaise ball is the association of pétanque lovers in Bandol. To exchange a few games with local fans, don't hesitate to contact them!

Not equipped yet?

If you are looking for a Bandolaise triplet, take a look at our online store!

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