Its wines make Bandol known on the greatest gastronomic tables in the world. Composed of about fifty estates, the Bandol vineyard was one of the first to receive the AOC appellation.

Imagine: an end of summer morning, after taking a tour of the Brive market, you decide to sit down on the terrace, instead of church. You are there, in the shade of the trees, taking advantage of the coolness of the fountain.

Place de l'église Bandol

You admire the show before you : the end of the market, the sound of cicadas, the atmosphere here. And to perfect this moment, which makes it unique, you enjoy a glass of rosé from Bandol. So, do you see yourself there? U.S. too !


Bandol wines are 25 centuries of tradition wine-growing region whose fame dates back to Antiquity. Subsequently, the wines enhanced by sea voyages became very popular at the Court of the Kings of France. Only later, thanks to the new port, who Bandol wines are opening up to the whole world, from China to Latin America.

Composed of around fifty estates, the Bandol wine vineyard was one of the first to benefit from the AOC appellation in 1941.


South facing, facing the sea, the terroir of the wines of Bandol enjoys an exposure of 3000 hours of sunshine per year. A unique climate that allows the fruits to bring out all their richness.

This terroir of more than 1600 hectares going from the Sainte Baume massif to the foot of the Mediterranean, is a true natural amphitheater. Its terraced structure has been shaped by successive generations of winegrowers.

These craftsmen knew how to tame a difficult vine plant: the Mourvèdre. This grape gives wines of great quality. This allowed them to raise their production to the rank of the best vintages in France.

Wines of character

Each of the 3 colors has its characteristics.

Firstly there is the red, the flagship wine, which is the result of a successful combination of Mourvèdre, Grenache and Cinsault grape varieties. A combination that makes the latter a powerful and velvety nectar.

We all know rosé with a slightly salmon color and appreciated for its freshness. Its fruity, finely racy notes make it a wine that can be enjoyed in any season. Summer we will appreciate its fresh citrus notes and its length in the mouth, while Winter we will enjoy its complex notes of quince, apricot and spices.

And there is white. A real nugget for connoisseurs, it is a sappy, fine, full-bodied wine, presenting a certain refinement and a rare elegance.

In reality, AOC Bandol wines reflect our town. Or maybe we can say that Bandol was built around its wines. village with a real temper, a certain culture (like red). To discover all year round et in every season (like rosé). And finally, with a touch of elegance and refinement (like white).

are we going for a walk?

Take your car, your Bandol wine guide and direction the different areas for discover the work of our dear winegrowers. Cross unique landscapes, with green vineyards spring, filled with fruit in summer and coated with a powerful red in fall.

Take the opportunity to taste and taste the different grape varieties and make up your own mind about these very special wines. But beware, the one who drives is the one who does not drink! On the other hand, you can always leave with a few bottles to enjoy at home… And that's pretty good.

If you wish find out more about AOC Bandol wines, or if you wish to be advised in your purchases, we strongly recommend that you visit the team of the Bandol wine bar located opposite the Gaming casino. True enthusiasts, they will know how to accompany you and give you the keys to visit the estates that suit you and guide you according to your tastes.

Where to buy bandol wine?

- Bandol wine cellar
- The Post Cellars
- The Caves of Noellie
- Au Clair de la Vigne Side Cellars
- Restaurant / Cellar From Earth to Wine
- Domains directly from producers
- Moulin de la Roque - Bandol wine cooperative

Note that many shops, delicatessens and other places of delicacies also sell wines in Bandol as well as in the surrounding area.

Download the Bandol Wine Guide.

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