Have you planned a little trip to Bandol for a day? Here are the essentials not to be missed!

Prep time

For this day you will need:

  • Backpack
  • 1 jersey
  • Walking shoes
  • 1 hat or cap
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • 1 picnic

sweet wake up


Autumn is one of the best seasons to come and discover Bandol. Mild temperatures, summer vacation ended, fewer people, more calm… the perfect season. Why not start your day on this theme of gentleness by taking a breakfast on the terrace ?

As soon as you arrive, choose your atmosphere: more like a neighborhood bar terrace with a warm welcome, a terrace on the church square to admire the daily market, or even a terrace with a view of the port ? In all cases, make yourself comfortable with some pastries Bandolaise bought in one of our bakeries and enjoy the moment. A little cool breeze that makes the leaves of the plane trees fall, rays of sun that warm your skin and a village atmosphere ... savor this timeless moment.

Speaking of boulangeries, also think about plan a small picnic. You will need it for the rest ...

Along for the adventure

11 h

After this smooth start, it is time to explore the western part of the city, the one that opens the doors to nature for you. For that, join the port, then, take on your right. Have you ever heard of the coastal path ?

Walk along the quay full of pointus and small pleasure boats to go to the Deferrari Stadium. You will pass by thethe Tourist Office ; come and say hello and pick up the route of the walk that awaits you.

Continue your journey from the stadium towards the western part of Bandol. Cross the pretty sandy beach of Renecros and let yourself be enchanted by its crystal clear waters. Overlook the city's pebble coves and keep going until the last beach of Bandol: that of Engraviers.

There the dirt trail really begins. Let's go for a immersion in nature. Walk the path planted with umbrella pines, smell the salty sea spray, listen to the sound of the waves which break against the rocks ...

13 h

You've been walking for 2 hours and you finally arrive at the Calanque de Port d'Alon, key stage of the trail. This pebble beach will be your drop-off point for lunch break. Spread out your towel, so take off those walking shoes and take a seat facing the sea.

And don't forget to taste the water! We are of course in Autumn, but Indian summer here, we know it. If the water is good, take the opportunity to maybe take the last bath of the year. And above all, enjoy the surrounding calm. Otherwise, you can still enjoy this sunny break with a good book.

15 h

We know that this beach was great, but it would still be a question of returning before nightfall! It could not be easier : take the same path as on the way there. Boring you will say to me? Well not at all. This trail, depending on which direction we take, what time of day we take it, is completely different. The landscapes change, the colors too ... it's a show that we never tire of.

Back to civilization

17 h

That's it, you are back on Bandol. Depending on the month you are here, we recommend either:

  • To stop on the way back to the level of Capelin beach for admire the sunset ;
  • To take a walk in town to wait a bit and join the Bonaparte corniche to also take advantage of sunset.
Coucher de soleil Bandol

Because, we cannot say the opposite, the sunsets over the sea are still something. So do not miss this magnificent spectacle, especially if the day has been windy, because in general it is a promise of pretty colors! To know everything about our sunsets, click here:

so, did you like it?

19 h

Here is that this day in our dear city ends! We hope you enjoyed this Bandolese getaway and especially that it made you want to come back and discover all the other treasures of the city. If you have taken pictures, do not hesitate to share them on your networks by tagging us with the #bandoltourism or by mentioning us @bandoltourismeofficiel.

See you soon !

discover bandol in 1 day solo in autumn

- Wake up gently with a breakfast on the terrace;
- Nature day to discover the coastal path;
- Apotheosis with the sunset over the sea.

For personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us on 04 94 29 41 35 or by email at the address bandoltourisme@bandoltourisme.fr.

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