Need to escape, to discover, to disconnect a few km from your home? Here are our suggestions for a perfect family weekend in Bandol.

day 1

10 h

How about discovering the city first? To open hostilities, we suggest that you browse the downtown and the port of Bandol through our historical route. This pretty strolls urbaine will allow you tolearn more about the history of the city, its highlights and its key figures. It will also and above all allow you to discover hidden corners and unknown alleys where you wouldn't necessarily have gone on your own. A moment like "back to the future" of a duration of about 2 hours.

For this route, two ways to do it:

  • You can come retrieve the paper trail at thethe Tourist Office ;
  • You can also find the route by clicking on the button below. All you need then is you let guide from beacon to beacon through the city :

12 h

Lunch time is already here, it's time to let go of your gluttony! Rather Grilled fish, provencal dishes, beautiful tables or even to take away, the choice is not lacking. To discover all the options available to you, simply click here:

14 h

Besides wine, what other dish brings happiness and the fame of the South ? Olive oil obviously ! You may have seen it when arriving by car in Bandol, our territory is dotted with olive groves. These beautiful trees, identity of our region, which contrast with the bright red color of the autumnal vines. Well their fruit is like a jewel here because it is with him that local artisans make the number one condiment in the South, olive oil.

It is located just a few minutes drive from the city, right next to the ZOA park, an oil mill open to visitors. It's about Garden of Olives. Typical site of Provencal agriculture with its traditional oil mill and its dry stone terraces, this garden is home to an olive grove of more than 500 olive trees of 113 different varieties and is dotted with multiple traditional cultures.

It is in this natural setting that educational visits are organized. These allow you to discover all the secrets of this oil, from the harvest to the processing of the olive and thus to the manufacture of green gold which is olive oil.

To find out more about this beautiful Provencal place, click here:

17 h

Back to Bandol. The day is drawing to a close. Take the opportunity to do a last stroll on the port, With the pretty colors of the setting sun. We will meet again tomorrow ...

day 2

Yesterday was a day turned to history and tradition, today we are offering you a nature day.

10 h

On this Sunday morning, come and discover our little one daily market. Located on the Town Hall Square, this market of ten stalls is the landmark of the city's foodies. Between local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, goat cheese or even typical Toulon cade, the hardest part will be to manage not to fall for everything… And after all, it's Sunday, it's allowed!

Take advantage of it for yourself plan a small Bandolais picnic as we like them: cade, sandwiches, take-away meals, cheese, fruit ...

12 h

For this lunch break, how about going to the biggest restaurant in Bandol? Large free access terrace, sea view, waterfront, low budget ... nothing like a picnic on the Renecros beach to make the most of it!

Renecros, it is our largest sandy beach. Although assaulted in the middle of summer, in Autumn it becomes calm again and its waters are again crystal clear. Make yourself comfortable on the sand, savor the good things collected from the market a little earlier and let your children enjoy the beach. A cool restaurant, relaxing for parents and a huge playground for children ... we have not found better.

14 h

It would be a shame to come to Bandol without enjoying its hikes. The one we recommend with children is the Bandol Classic. This stroll of a duration of about 3 hours, Will allow you to overlook the various pebble coves of the city and reach its heights. As a reward, a spectacular view awaits you.

To know the route and to know more about this hike, click here:

17 h

The day ends and with it this beautiful weekend spent in Bandol. We hope you enjoyed these two days and especially that they made you want to come back to discover a little more of our city. If you have taken pictures, please feel free to take them share on your networks by tagging us with the #bandoltourism or by mentioning us @bandoltourismeofficiel.

See you soon !

discover bandol in 1 family weekend in autumn

Day 1: stroll in the city and visit of an olive oil mill.
Day 2: market, picnic on the beach and hike in the heights of the city.

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