Are you in Bandol for the week with your whole tribe? Stop organizing and start profiting! We take care of your stay ...

Saturday: discovery of bandol

Take the time to arrive ! There is no hurry, you are on vacation and what is more… in Bandol! So take the morning to settle into your accommodation, breathe a bit and bring everyone's minds together. Plan of attack: lunch on the terrace and discovery of the city.

For your lunch, how about celebrate your arrival with a good fresh fish of the day ? Relax and let yourself be carried away, the Bandolese restaurateurs take care of everything. Your only mission, choose one:

The afternoon is the opportunity to take your marks in Bandol. For this, nothing better than to be guided by our historical route. A stroll through the city which will also take you on a journey through time and the highlights that have made the city of Bandol what it is today.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Is come and pick up the paper guide at the Office the historical route;
  • Is let yourself be guided by the online course available here.

Sunday: CHESTNUTS in collobrières

If September is the holy month for AOC Bandol winegrowers, October is the holy grail for the artisans of Collobrières. This charming Var village, capital of the Massif des Maures, located 1 hour by car from Bandol, is famous thanks to the fruit that grows there in mass, the chestnut. So every year in October, all the gourmets of the region meet in Collobrières to participate in the Chestnut Festival.

This great celebration brings together in one and the same place chestnut growers, artisans and artists in love with chestnuts… and not only! Lovers of this sweet fruit, you can only succumb to the organized tastings. Ice cream, cream, cake or just roasted, the chestnut will be queen. A pleasure for the taste buds that will delight young and old alike!

To learn more about this celebration, click here:

Monday: browse the bandol classic

To start the week off right, how about take a little height? Put on the walking shoes and bring some water because today, we go for a walk! La Bandol Classic, much less known than the coastal path, is a hike that will allow you to combine land and sea.

The start of the route is the same as that of the coast; it allows you to go through the most beautiful beaches City, golden sand of Renecros to pebble coves. It is precisely at the english cove that the path separates. Don't panic, the trail is very well marked! By following the brands, you will arrive at the top, on the roof of Bandol, at the top of the Roustagnon hill. And there, watch your eyes, a panoramic view of the Mediterranean waiting for you …

No more is said about it in order to keep a part of the mystery, but to know everything about this hike, click here:

Tuesday: market & bowling

Know that Tuesday, in Bandol, it's day of Brive market. From 8 a.m. to 13 p.m. approximately, the main quay is transformed into an essential place of life. Between the magnificent colors of the region's vegetables, the smell of Provence herbs and the freshness of freshly caught fish, you cannot miss this beautiful little market.

In the afternoon, it's bowling! Yes, because you have to take care of the children and because they will have been very good in following you in all the corners of the morning market. So let's go for a party at Bandol Bowling ! And for the older ones who would be a little skeptical, a Laser Game room is also available … So let's go ?

mercredi : l’écomusée départemental des 4 frères

How to spend a week in Bandol and enjoy the surrounding nature without learning more about it? It is for this reason that we wanted to offer you a trip to the The Departmental Ecomuseum of the 4 Brothers. This beautiful Provencal country house, located in Le Beausset, 30 minutes by car from Bandol, is a place of discovery and awareness of nature, nestled in the heart of a natural space of 380 hectares.

Throughout the year, free activities sont organisées dans le but de sensibiliser le public à la nature et à l’environnement. Ainsi, visites, expositions, conférences, spectacles et ateliers sont proposés les mercredis et samedis de l’Automne. L’idéal donc pour en apprendre plus sur la faune et la flore varoise et passer une belle journée en famille. Pour découvrir le programme des activités, cliquez ici :

Thursday: idleness & memories

The week has been loaded with discoveries! How about taking a little break?

For this morning, go have breakfast on the terrace. First jump into one of the Bandolese bakeries to buy lots of good treats and sit down in the sun on the terrace. Several options are available to you between church square or quai d'honneur, small neighborhood terrace or with a view of the peaks. Either way, take it cool and enjoy a Bandolaise morning as we like them.

The afternoon, after a well-deserved nap (we are southerners or we are not!), head for the port from the city. The many shops of all kinds await you to stock up on souvenirs. Why Thursday rather than Friday? So as not to be in a hurry and not to suffer the Friday crowds of course!

Grocery stores with local products, soap, wine cellars ... bring back in your suitcases a little Bandol. A nice way to extend the holidays. And consider visiting us too; postcards, magnets, mugs and other keepsakes are waiting for you!

Friday: preparation & oil mill

Last day with us and to make the most of the afternoon that awaits you, remember to pack your things this morning, in the cool. You can then savor the last hours in our company with a light spirit.

The last visit of this beautiful week will be that of an oil mill. You may have seen it when arriving by car in Bandol, our territory is dotted with fields of olive trees. Well their fruit is like a jewel here, because it is with it that the local artisans realize the number one condiment in the South, olive oil.

It is just a few minutes drive from the city, stands, right next to the ZOA park, oil mill open to visitors. It's about Garden of Olives. Typical site of Provençal agriculture with its traditional oil mill and its dry stone terraces, this garden is home to an olive grove of more than 500 olive trees of 113 different varieties and is dotted with multiple traditional cultures.

Le Jardin des Oliviers

It is in this green setting that educational visits are organized. These allow you to discover all the secrets of this oil, from the harvest to the processing of the olive and thus to the manufacture of the green gold that is olive oil.

To learn more about this mill, click here:

courses for children

As a bonus, because although we love them with all our heart, our little ones can sometimes be overwhelming, dNumerous courses are organized each year by various leisure providers. To give you a few examples:

  • The Nautical Society of Bandol (SNB), regularly organizes introductory navigation courses. And this, for all ages. For more information, click here.
  • Stars 2 Street, a Bandolese dance school, regularly offers courses of a few weeks. For more information, click here.
  • Finally, the Municipal Tennis also offers many activities. These are just to be discovered here.

This week in our company is already coming to an end. We hope you enjoyed it, or at least that it gave you some ideas for your next vacation. If you come to Bandol, do not hesitate to visit us at the Office.

See you soon !

discover bandol in 1 week with the family in autumn

- Saturday: arrival and discovery of the city.
- Sunday: Chestnut Festival in Collobrières.
- Monday: hike on the Bandol Classic.
- Tuesday: large market and family bowling parties.
– Mercredi : immersion en pleine nature à l’Écomusée Départemental des 4 Frères.
- Thursday: relaxation and memories.
- Friday: discovery of an olive oil mill.

For personalized advice, do not hesitate to visit us at the Tourist Office, or to contact us on 04 94 29 41 35.

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