What's better than a day in Bandol? A weekend in Bandol. Here's why …

Day 1


For this first day, and because you only have two, it seems important to us to make you discover the real Bandol. So let's go for a walk in the city, through its alleys and also and above all, its history ... you will undoubtedly have guessed it, it is the historical route that we offer.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Come visit us at theOffice for get the little booklet who will accompany you and above all will guide you throughout these 2 hours;
  • Go paperless, being full digital and be guided by the route available by clicking here.

In any case, in preparation for your coming, all information about the history of the city is available right here :

11 h

After this enriching walk on Bandolese history, it's time to learn more about what makes the city famous internationally, his wine. Go meet the team of the Bandol wine cellar. This wine house located just in front of Gaming casino, at the end of the quay, is the temple of our land.

There you can of course buy a bottle of AOC Bandol wine in memory ; but you can also and above all have advice on which areas are open to visits. And that interests us for the rest of our day. So take note.

12 h

So make a breaks déjeuner in one of the city's many artisans. That you are rather seated restaurant, take-out lunch or sandwich on the beach, discover all the Bandolese offer by clicking right here:

14 h

Based on valuable advice collected a few hours earlier at the wine bar, set out for the winery of your choice. Do not panic, they are all within 20 minutes by car from Bandol. Yes because, although the AOC name is that of Bandol, all the vines participating in this beautiful grape are located outside the city.

Vins de Bandol AOC

But that's okay, because these minutes by car will be an opportunity for you to admire the vineyards. In addition in this season, red suits them best. Personalized gorgeous colors therefore contrasting with the blue of the sky and the dark green of the surrounding olive trees.

Arrived at the domain learn more about the profession of winegrower, about this very special period of the harvest and taste a wine that has just come out of the cellar (in moderation of course, a drink is enough, you get back on the road just after).

Take advantage of these exchanges, they are precious.

17 h

It's time to go back to Bandol to appreciate the sweetness of the evening. So take a tour of town before the shops close and choose your catering place of the evening. We will meet again tomorrow.

day 2

Yesterday the day was centered on Bandol and its assets. Today we invite you to discover the other side of our territory, the hinterland.

10 h

Start by having a good breakfast on the terrace. Because nothing better to start the day than a coffee, a croissant and some sun. So go buy your favorite pastries at the bakery closest and sit on the terrace of a bar neighborhood, or on the church square or even with a view of the port. Savor this lovely moment for two.

11 h

Also take advantage of the morning to discover local products. For this, every morning, on the Town Hall Square, is held the daily market. Small market of about ten stalls, it brings together all the delicacies from here. Tasty fruits and vegetables, typical Toulon cade, fresh fish, shellfish, cheese… it's all there.

12 h

Besides, if you feel like it, end this morning on this square with the atmosphere of the church bells and the energy of the market while enjoying a shellfish platter. Sit down on the bar terrace the Narwhal and order your tray from the charming couple just across the street in the market. All washed down with a glass of chilled white wine… it's not heaven, but almost!

14 h

The afternoon is already here and after this morning as we like them, it is so much to activate all the same!

Take your car and direction La Cadière d'Azur, 20 short minutes from here. This village is THE typical Provencal village. Narrow, colorful and cobbled streets, stone village houses, bell tower at the top, view of the vineyards and olive groves… it almost feels like a Pagnol film. So stroll through this pretty village to soak up its atmosphere.

La Cadière Bandol Tourisme

Then, take the direction of the village of Castellet, sister village of Cadière located just opposite, on the other side of the road. This village is a ancient medieval city which has retained all its charm of yesteryear… and especially its wall. Inside, everything is pedestrian. True landmark of local designers do not hesitate to enter the various shops available to you to discover local crafts.

To find out more about these beautiful villages of character and on how to get there, just click here:

Footnotes : if you come from far away, remember to collect all your belongings with you before setting off for the backcountry. Because the advantage of Cadière and Castellet is that they are 5 minutes from the motorway, without toll. You can therefore leave faster either towards Marseille or towards Toulon, avoiding some traffic jams.

so, how was it?

The day is already coming to an end and with it this wonderful weekend spent by your side. We hope you enjoyed these two days in Bandol and that they will have made you want to come back to find out more. And do not forget, if you took pictures, share them with us on your networks by tagging us with the #bandoltourism or by mentioning us @bandoltourismeofficiel.

Discover Bandol in 1 weekend for two in autumn

Day 1: historical tour and discovery of AOC Bandol wines.
Day 2: Bandolaise morning and exploration of the hinterland.

For personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us on 04 94 29 41 35 or by email at the address bandoltourisme@bandoltourisme.fr.

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