Are you on holiday in Bandol for the week? Great ! We have prepared some ideas for outings for you to enjoy our beautiful territory. On the other hand, be careful, we warn you: after this week in paradise, you will not want to leave ...

Saturday: discovery of the city

Take the morning to arrive, land in your pied-à-terre for the week and unpack your bags. No pressure, it's the holidays… and in Bandol too! For lunch, what How about starting the week with your feet in the water? Find the list of our beach restaurants by clicking here.

In the afternoon, start getting your bearings. Stroll through the pretty shaded streets of the town, stroll through the sandstone shops and learn more about this beautiful village. For this, let yourself be guided in your walk by our historical route available online just here. Or, come see us at the Office for pick up the Historical Route guide, also available for download here.

Sunday: sport and nature

Bandol has the advantage of being a city located between land and sea, between beaches and massifs. This allows you to have access to a multitude of water and land activities. To give you some ideas:

On this Sunday, take the time, it's vacation! Choose your favorite activity, the one that allows you to disconnect and get started!

Monday: relaxation and well-being

After this weekend of walking land and sea, it's time to give you a break together. Good thing, in Bandol is the beautiful spa Thalazur, the Ile Rousse hotel *****, located on the Renecros beach. Imagine the two of you enjoying a soothing massage, followed by a tea with a view of the sea… Tranquility, calm and gentleness, we can see ourselves there anyway!

thalazur thalasso bandol

Remember to make an appointment on the Thalazur by clicking here:

Tuesday: market & coastal path

Tuesday in Bandol is the day of Brive market !

After a good breakfast taken in your room, on the terrace, or even on the beach, meet at the port. There, on the main quay, you will discover what is a real southern market. Let yourself captivate by the colors and smells that surround you. In the distance, you hear the merchants selling their treasures with a beautiful singing accent. A unique experience to live !

Le midi, head towards the church square and sit down on the terrace. The advantage of this place? THE daily market stands just in front and many merchants offer you something to snack on, serving you directly on the terrace. How about a seafood platter with a glass of AOC Bandol rosé?

In the afternoon, head west of the city and take the coastal path. This beautiful hike will take you along the entire coast, from the beaches of Bandol to the Calanque de Port d'Alon, going through paths and magnificent views. A lovely 4-hour round trip that will allow you to discover the flora of the Var. To know everything about this trail, just click here.

Top 10 des activités de l'été à Bandol

Wednesday: diving in clear waters

Just because summer is over doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to the seabed. In this season, the waters have regained their clarity and nature has regained its ease... it is therefore the ideal time to learn to dive!

Baptême plongée Manta Club

Our partner Manta club, offers diving baptisms to be carried out with your holiday buddy. This baptism will allow you toget a first look at the underwater flora and fauna of our coasts and discover Bandol in a different way. We had the chance a few months ago to test this unique experience! To know all our impressions and feedback, just click right here:

Thursday: discovery of the hinterland

How about going a little further inland ? Just a little eh. The villages that we advise you to visit are only about fifteen minutes by car from Bandol.

Start with the Cadière d'Azur and his typical Provencal village. Stroll through the colorful and quiet little streets typical of here. Then continue on the Castellet. A medieval village, landmark of local creators, with a breathtaking panorama, mixing fields of vineyards and olive trees with a Mediterranean as far as the eye can see.

To find out more about these villages of character, click here:

Friday: visit to a wine estate

On this last day in Bandol, do not miss our wines ! Certified by the AOC Bandol, the wines are part of the identity of the city and the territory. Before choosing which area will be your vacation spot, we advise you to go towine bar from the city, located at the end of the quay, opposite the Casino de jeux. There you can get valuable advice on which areas are open to visitors and also buy the bottles you want at cellar prices.

Once you have chosen your domain, take your car and head for the vines! Most of the estates are within a 30-minute drive of Bandol. So you will not have a lot of road to do, but still enough to admire the blushing vines in this Indian summer.

This visit will allow you to'' learn more about wines, from working the land to pressing and fruit and especially to be able to discuss with those who work all year round to offer you exceptional grape varieties, the winegrowers. A visit that very often is accompanied by a tasting ...

Be careful, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to be consumed in moderation. In addition, it is better to choose which of the two of you will do the Sat and who will enjoy these fine wines only after returning home.

Have you thought about the memories?

To bring some sun with you, here are some souvenir ideas: Savonneries du SoleilAristide HouseOut of Framework Concept StoreVal NJ CreationsSee you in ProvenceCreacaoPress House ...

Good to know: at the Tourist Office we have a whole range of souvenirs ranging from postcards to Bandolese ceramics through very pretty Monsieur Z posters. To find out more, visit our shop.

This holiday week is already over! We hope you enjoyed these few days in Bandol. And if you are not there yet and you are just planning your stay, we hope you have been keen on it! In any case, do not hesitate to come and visit us at the Office, we are waiting for you!

PS: if you have taken pictures, share them with us on your networks by tagging us with the #bandoltourism or by mentioning us @bandoltourismeofficiel.


- Saturday: discovery of the city and historical route.
- Sunday: sporting activity of your choice, between land and sea.
- Monday: relaxation, spa and well-being day.
- Tuesday: market and coastal path.
- Wednesday: first dive.
- Thursday: discovery of the hinterland.
- Friday: visit to a wine estate.

For personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us on 04 94 29 41 35 or by email at the address

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