Every year, in spring, Bandol transforms into an open-air gallery with its Bandol Céramique Festival. Organized by the Printemps des Potiers association, this event announces the return of sunny days with creativity and poetry...

the bandol ceramic festival: a love story

The Bandol Ceramic Festival (former Spring of the Potters) is above all a love story. The love of the organizers, members of the association Spring of the Potters, for a material, clay and for a profession, pottery. The desire behind this beautiful highlight is above all to create a meeting around ceramics. How ? By showcasing artists from all over the world, by exhibiting their works, each more creative than the last, and by making an entire city, Bandol, available to them.

Thus, for years thematic exhibitions have been set up in the city's galleries, a potters' market mingles with the experts of our marina and artistic meetings have been organized.

look back at the 2024 edition

Festival Bandol Céramique (Printemps des Potiers)

“On the occasion of its forty years and for the first time, Le Printemps des Potiers invites four artists to return and exhibit. Daphne Corregan, Camille Virot, Hervé Rousseau and Jean-François Thiérion are trailblazers from whom admired ceramics now benefit and where creators no longer bother to name their approach. (…) These same artists expressed the wish to in turn invite and open their joint exhibition to ceramists whose approach and talent they appreciate: Benoît Pouplard, Ule Ewelt, Mia Refslund Jensen. »

Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, Doctor in Art History

This anniversary edition will be placed under the sign of the exceptional with great renowned ceramists ! The latter, accompanied by 66 professionals material, will have the opportunity to exhibit their works through several events: potters' market, exhibitions, screenings, photo trails, public forum... In short, for a whole month, Bandol will be focused on ceramic art. As for the details, sit back and let us show you the program for your month of April…

a highlight in several stages

Exhibition in the city's galleries

Festival Bandol Céramique
  • What: exhibitions by artists participating in the festival.
  • Where: Maison Tholosan (5 rue Gabriel Péri) and Galerie Rallaisou (1 rue des écoles).

Enjoy your weekend or vacation week to Bandol to take a look at the exhibitions of the city's two art galleries: the Ravezou Gallery and Tholosan House. You will have the opportunity to admire the works of the artists highlighted during the festival.

Photographic tour on the Quai Charles de Gaulle

  • What: outdoor photo exhibition.
  • Where: promenade of Quai Charles de Gaulle (port side shops).

A good way to learn about art: simply admire it during a walk. This open-air exhibition is intended to be uninhibited and accessible to all. At the corner of a shop, after your coffee on the terrace or while shopping in our daily market, come and observe and appreciate the photographs of ceramic works. Pretty cool, right?

The Potters' market on the port of Bandol

  • What: demonstration workshops, events and sale of ceramics.
  • When: usually Easter weekend.
  • Or on Harbour from the city.

We have to admit, this weekend is our favorite part of the Bandol Céramique Festival! The soul of the Printemps des Potiers is found here, on the port, where the great moments of Bandolese life take place (markets, Boat show, The English have the Coast, etc). For two days, 66 artists come to exhibit, sell and meet amateurs and simply curious people. Anticipated moment of the Easter weekend, come and stroll on the quay after hunting for eggs with the children and enjoy a creative moment by the sea.

projection of films around ceramics

  • The theme: ceramic arts.
  • Where: Jules Verne Theater (11 rue des écoles) and Salle Pagnol (Maison Tholosan, 5 rue Gabriel Péri).

Film screenings are a invitation to discover the profession ceramist in the world, through image and cinema. Thus, the selection of films offered reveals, among other things, an approach to ceramics beyond the material. Unusual meetings, not to be missed under any circumstances!

public day: demonstrations and conferences

  • What: demonstrations and meetings with pottery professionals.
  • Where: Jules Verne Theater (11 rue des écoles), free entry.

Designed in the form of technical demonstrations and meetings, this special day is above all offered for its human approach to ceramics. You will have the opportunity toobserve the artists create and ask them the questions you want. A good way for you to deepen your knowledge and approach artists recognized in their field.

To don't miss anything about the association “Printemps des Potiers”, we invite you to consult their website:

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