As part of the Spring of Poets 2024, the tourist office is organizing a competition for verse artists on the theme of “Grace”.

all to your feathers

For you, words are synonymous with melody and you handle the pen like no one else? Try your luck in the poetry contest of spring and win your activity offered to Bandol. As a bonus: your texts will be read and appreciated by professional writers.

Concours de poésie printemps Bandol
  • What: poetry competition.
  • Theme: “Grace”.
  • When: until April 1, 2024.
  • Categories: children, adolescents, adults.
  • To be won: 2 leisure vouchers worth €50 each and 1 restaurant voucher worth €60.
  • Where to submit my poem: at the tourist office, 3 Allées Alfred Vivien or by email at bandoltourisme@bandoltourisme.fr in PDF format.

The theme “Grace”

Text written by Sophie Nauleau and taken from the site www.printempsdespoetes.com.

“For the 25th anniversary of the Spring of Poets, what emblem should be attached to the seventh letter of the alphabet, in the echo of Ardor, Beauty, Courage, Desire, Ephemeral or Borders?

What word of proud lineage, which is as confusing, inspiring as it is vast, at the same time endowed with an ascending meaning capable of awakening loud and valiant voices, but nevertheless weighted down with abrupt, frank and sometimes fatal injunctions?

So it will be Grace, with his circumflex accent which raises the tone in an instant. In other words Grace in all its states, from the most sublime to the brutal and definitive one, which strikes you instantly.

Please implore forever the lovers of tragedies, while Joachim du Bellay detects in Marguerite of France this grace and gentleness, and this I don’t know what… This " I don't know what " who, century after century, never stopped changing register, calling for transcendence or dissonance, until Michel Houellebecq, master of the opposite: In the stupidity that takes my place of grace.

Car Grace is not that divine or blessed, not that graceful, evanescent or mawkish, not that celestial and inexpressible.

There is of course the good or bad grace Rimbaldian, the consoling grace of Verlaine, the carnal grace of Eros, the grace of mystical union, the grace of heart and mind of Max Jacob died in Drancy, celebrated by Éluard. There is this song of grace for the wait, and for the darker dawn in the heart of the althæas, which in Saint-John Perse, and these light marshmallow flowers, deliberately amplify the mystery.

But above all there is this state of grace of speech, and of the entire body, which poets know as much as athletes or adventurers.

It is time to sharpen our souls so that creativity, joy and splendor, as was said of the Three Graces of mythology, transcend our imaginations and our lives, whatever the dark or sunny hours. »

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