Bandol has the chance to host the first international Padel tournament in the Southern Region in 2024, just that! And what more beautiful setting than the port and its summer atmosphere for this special event? We tell you everything about the next edition of the Box-to-Box Padel Tour!

international padel tournament in Bandol

Take out your rackets and put on your best sneakers, Padel is coming to the port of Bandol. Yes, you read correctly. We don't know if this sport will dethrone bowls in the heart of the Provençaux, but in any case, it will invest the bowling alley in the city center from 21 to 25 August 2024 ! A temporary goodbye to the courts Tennis Club Bandol and their exceptional view of the sea, for an all-expenses paid stay a few meters from the boats. It's still not bad!

A championship which will take place over 5 days with:

  • Wednesday August 21: opening of the tournament.
  • Thursday August 22: Personality tournament.
  • Friday August 23: quarter-finals.
  • Saturday August 24: semi-finals.
  • Sunday August 25: final.

You imagine yourself sitting there, on the port, sunglasses on your nose, observing professionals from all walks of life hitting the ball. You are installed by the sea, a fan in hand with the song of cicadas as the soundtrack. Frankly, it's not Rolland Garros, but it's just as good there!

The program will arrive very quickly, but know that you can now reserve your place. And a word of advice: hurry up, there won't be something for everyone! Click here without delay:

padel or paddle?

Oula, we see you coming from there: “They are going to surf at the bowling alley?! ". So, even if we (tourist office) are entirely capable of setting up this kind of project that we would describe as creative, no, we are not going to install a wave machine on our beautiful bowling green. Put away that jersey! We are talking here abouta snowshoe competition and not an aquatic championship! Because if in the minds of many Padel and Paddle, it is the same thing, the reality is completely different.

padel is a sport that can be compared to tennis with the difference that it necessarily takes place in doubles, on a smaller and, above all, closed field. If you have walked our beautiful coastal path, you must have seen these glassy areas along the coast. Indeed, seeing the mayonnaise take with this sport which has become ultrapopular in recent years, the Tennis Club Bandol has installed several courts for the greatest happiness of all.

Paddle, or Stand up Paddle or SUP, is a board sport which can be as good chill mode that tumultuous. To be honest, in Bandol, it is rather the first function that takes precedence. And for good reason, rowing on a sea of ​​oil at sunset has a direct relaxing effect! But you will have understood, it is not this activity that we were talking to you about. That said, if you still want to go paddle boarding, you can rent one at the Nautical Society of Bandol on the Central beach, or on the other side of the port, at Extreme Surfing Club Bandol.

In short

  • What: FIP RISE international tournament – ​​BOX TO BOX PADEL TOUR BANDOL.
  • when: from 21 to August 25 2024, from 19 p.m. to midnight.
  • Where: at the bowling alley from the port of Bandol, next to the Bandstand.
  • How to book my place : here.

And for more information on this event, direction the Instagram account organizers!

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