Bandol. In the minds of many, this name rhymes with beaches, the Mediterranean, wines, aperitifs on the terrace, holidays… But Bandol is not just that.

Bandol is a village where life is good. A village outside the time when the freedom to dream, to escape, to enjoy is allowed. Where the landscapes, whether coastal, urban, or wooded look like real life-size postcards. Where the life is sweet and peaceful.

Bandol is also the sound of powerful waves that bump against the rocks of our coves that calm of the comings and goings of the sea on the pebbles. Both the comforting pleasure of a mild and pleasant autumn, and the cherished warmth of a summer in the Mediterranean. Both a stroll along the coastal path to marvel at every bend, and a sea ​​urchin fishing in the rocks. Both the pleasure of seizing the wave and that of swimming in a sea ​​of ​​oil. The greed and creativity of its artisans as well as the quality and freshness of its products.

Bandol is that, a village to visit with a thousand possibilities where the only limit is your imagination. A destination that looks like the end of the world and yet a few km from your home. A sweetness of life that you will not find anywhere else.