Ask this question to 10 people from Bandol and you will get 10 different answers! It’s very simple, everyone has their favorite place! So, to transform this whirlwind of ideas into a sea of ​​oil, here are our tips for choosing your ideal beach for swimming in Bandol.

Sandy beaches in Bandol

Let's start with the obvious, those that we immediately imagine when we say the word "beach", our sandy coves. They are the paradise of sandcastle lovers, the favorites of those who like not to have back pain when lying down and of course, the places sought after by holidaymakers on holiday in Bandol.

Grand Vallat beach: the postcard

Où se baigner à Bandol ? Plage du Grand Vallat
  • Location: entrance to town.
  • Ideal for: lovers of open horizons.
  • Special features: superb view of the sea.

This very first beach in Bandol is mainly frequented by locals who live just above. Too far from stores for serial shoppers and too complicated to access for families with cars, the Grand Vallat beach is a paradise for sunbathing enthusiasts. Our advice: take a step back towards the sidewalk. You will then have a superb view of the horizon, with the palm trees resting on the sand, the gentle surf of the waves and the sailboats plying the sea.

Casino beach: a family paradise

Où se baigner à Bandol ? Plage du Casino
  • Location: next to the Partouche Casino (beginning of city center).
  • Ideal for: families.
  • Special features: playground, water sports center, shaded park and PRM access.

Here's one that everyone in your tribe will agree on, regardless of age! The interest ofat the Casino beach, who has seen a lot of Bandolais grow up, is his equipment. A volleyball court on the sand, a nautical base offering towed buoys, jet-ski and parasailing, not forgetting a shaded garden to take a break from his sunny day. Everything is there to have a great time in family, whether you are with little ones, older ones or even teenagers!

The central beach: the most practical

Où se baigner à Bandol ? Plage Centrale
  • Location: in the heart of downtown.
  • Ideal for: families and athletes.
  • Special features: 2 car parks and a nautical base.

Here is one that lives up to its name very well! Located in the heart of Bandol, at the end of the Port des Pointus and just opposite the Quai des boutiques, Central beach offers great services. Already, not 1, but well 2 car parks surround it. Which, in the heat of summer with all the summer paraphernalia, is still very useful.

It is also the place of residence of the famous Nautical Society of Bandol, the Garden of Eden ski enthusiasts and the official organizer of the Bandolese regattas. Without forgetting an excellent beach restaurant also offering sun lounger rental. A complete and practical service, on a charming shore with crystal clear waters. That is the demand of the people ?

Renecros beach: the sheltered pearl

Où se baigner à Bandol ? Renecros
  • Location: at the end of Corniche Bonaparte, below Rue des Écoles.
  • Ideal for: families, private beach enthusiasts and retirees (some are there all year round!).
  • Special features: no adjoining road (so no noise), hotels and restaurants.

Some like Renecros because they consider that it is simply the most beautiful beach in Bandol. Others appreciate its tranquility and its clear break from the sometimes turbulent streets of the city center. And finally, others love to walk there, summer and winter, to enjoy its mildness and admire the villas. artists of yesteryear. They all say the truth.

This beach is a sandy setting that changes with the seasons. If in summer, tourist providers give it pride of place withexcellent restaurants, rental of deckchairs and even rooms with sea view; in winter, posidonia appropriates it to protect it and grant it a well-deserved rest. In any case, the water is azure and the panorama is splendid.

Pebble beaches in Bandol

Personally, this is our favorite part! If like us, you hate bringing home tons of grains of sand that are a little too familiar and you prefer to lie down on less coveted beaches, the following might interest you…

Capelan beach: easily accessible beauty

Où se baigner à Bandol ? Plage du Capelan
  • Location: neighborhood stoneplane (Bandol west), below the Tennis Club Bandol.
  • Ideal for: couples and crab seekers.
  • Special features: parking, a pretty peninsula and perfect positioning for the sunset.

Let's talk little, talk well. If there was only one beach on which you should install your towel in Bandol, it is indeed that of Capelin. So yes, as we said above, some will not agree and will lean more towards Renecros. But you see, the singularity of the Var ultimately, these are not the sandy beaches that we happily leave to the Alpes-Maritimes and the Atlantic Coast. The originality of our Var coastline is that it has coves, mini coves, which during a stroll reveal themselves as sublime surprises.

Our specificity and our pride in Bandol is to have the chance to welcome these places that awaken all our senses. We are amazed by the clear waters of these beaches, favored by the rocky bottoms; the surf of the waves on the pebbles is a marvel to listen to, and the sweet iodized smell of the salt which anchors itself on the pebbles and on the skin is simply exquisite.

In addition to all that, Capelan beach has a peninsula suitable for diaper crab fishermen. And, icing on the cake, it's also a great place to admire the sunset as a lover… Honestly, what more do you want?

Engraviers beach: a break on the coastal path

Où se baigner à Bandol ? Les Engraviers
  • Location: at the very end of Bandol, on the coastal path.
  • Ideal for: hikers and agoraphobes.
  • Special feature: lost in the wilderness.

We started this article with the first beach of Bandol, we will end it with the very last one, the one which serves as a border with our neighbor, Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer.

The Engravers, sometimes called by locals “Athena” in reference to the residence located right next door, is undoubtedly the wildest of all the Bandolean beaches. One thing is certain: you won't come across it by chance. Located on the coastal path, no road takes you there. The only way to get there is with your legs! Allow around 40 minutes to walk from the city center to get there.

In addition to its certain interest for a lazy, quiet afternoon, this beach is the'ideal place to take a break during your hike on this famous trail. You can enjoy your picnic, do a few ricochets with the children and even take the opportunity to take a bath, before starting the most natural part of the walk.

Which beach to choose in case of wind in Bandol?

In Bandol, two winds predominate: the east wind and the Mistral. Although we don't have a crystal ball on hand, we still have a great knowledge of our dear city and some advice to give you. So here are our recommendations…

Où se baigner à Bandole en cas de vent ?

In case of east wind:

  • Beaches to avoid: Grand Vallat, Casino, Centrale.
  • Favorite beaches: Renecros, Capelan and Engraviers.

In case of mistral:

  • Beaches to avoid: Grand Vallat, Casino, Centrale and Capelan.
  • Favorite beach: Renecros (hotel side Splendid) and Engraviers (dirt climb side of the coastal path).

Good to know : in the event of a strong mistral, all beaches will be impacted. Choose pebble ones so as not to be bothered by clouds of sand! That said, who says mistral says beautiful sunset. So you might be delighted at the end of the day…

Happy swimming in Bandol!

Où se baigner à Bandol ?

Summer or winter, on sand or on pebbles, the beaches of Bandol are always a place where we like to relax. Soothing places in the late season to simply stare at the horizon and listen to the movements of the Mediterranean. Sunny treasures in summer to spend a morning, an afternoon, an evening and even a whole day. The beaches are the soul of our city, where we grew up, where we continue to go almost daily. It is this side, the emotions that these little wonders bring to us and have made us experience, that we wish to share with you so that you too can create unforgettable memories during your next vacation with us 💘

PS : in order to know the regulations, the opening periods of lifeguards and to find out more about each of these beaches, click here.

PS 2 : if you are on vacation with us and take photos, do not hesitate to share them with us on Instagram @bandoltourismeofficiel. We will share the most beautiful ones in stories! 😍

Where to swim in Bandol?

– Grand Vallat beach: the postcard.
– Casino beach: a family paradise.
– Central beach: the most practical.
– Renecros beach: the sheltered pearl.
– Capelan beach: easily accessible beauty.
– Engraviers beach: a break on the coastal path.

For more information on these beaches and in particular on their equipment, consult our dedicated page by clicking right here.

And if the jellyfish ever attack right during your week of vacation (as if by chance!), here is an article lots of good advice.




Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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