We tested for you the thalassotherapy area of ​​the superb 5* Ile Rousse hotel, the Thalazur Bandol. On the program for this morning: relaxation, shells and an unexpected sea view... Embark with us in a timeless moment!

Thalazur Bandol, one of the most beautiful thalassotherapy centers in France?

Vue mer chambre hôtel Ile Rousse Thalazur Bandol

Let’s set the scene. Imagine a sandy beach cut off from the city bordering a Mediterranean with a thousand shades of blue. A bay surrounded by umbrella pine and 30s-style villas. On this cove with the sweet name of Renecros, the Ile Rousse 5* hotel contains a intimate thalassotherapy center with sea view and feet in the sand. Inside, massage and well-being areas, a breathtaking view of the horizon and a team who takes care of you.

Here is how to describe in a few words the Thalazur Bandol. And it is precisely here that our adventure begins, with Mélanie Lorcet, responsible for this magical place.

guided tour of a Bandolese thalassotherapy center

After crossing the hotel lobby and going down the glass staircase, we arrive in the relaxation area. At first glance, a charming little shop awaits us. In partnership with prestigious brands like esthederm ou Belize, the relaxation center offers you a diverse and varied range of creams and swimsuits (good to know if you forget yours). Bonus : a special collection of Thalazur body products with marine influences. Nuggets to absolutely discover.

The visit continues towards the spa. Access authorized only to people in bathrobes and slippers. And we obviously complied with this rule in order to test the experience to the end. Well yes, we weren't going to stop there. Among the various services, we find a sauna, a hammam, a herbal tea room, a relaxation veranda opening onto the sea, massage rooms, a marine course and treatment rooms.

What are the thalassotherapy treatments at Thalazur Bandol?

In order to provide you with feedback worthy of the name, we had to experiment with the last two (to the end, we said). It was not without difficulty that we lounged in a heated seawater swimming pool with a view of the beach. It was not without difficulty that we took advantage of the swirls and jets of the marine course. Not without difficulty that we have tested with relish treatments like a laminaria algae wrap and hydromassage baths with lagoon crystals…What a morning!

In addition to these experiences available à la carte, the Thalazur Bandol center also offers thalassotherapy courses ranging from half-day to week. A multitude of massages and treatments for your well-being to discover here:

the results of this relaxing morning

Within a few hours, we were cut off from the world. A timeless experience to enjoy a few times a year to reconnect with your well-being. A break to take in a daily life defined by schedules, rules and imperatives. And what could be better than a cocooning center by the sea for this?

What struck us the most Thalazur Bandol, it is the kindness and availability of the people who work there. We discovered a atmosphere both prestigious and uninhibited, competent professionals attentive to the needs of their guests and spaces facing the sea.

This is also reflected in the hotel offer of the establishment Ile Rousse 5* with rooms with breathtaking panoramas 360° view of Bandol and a starred restaurant refined and friendly (yes, both are possible). Enough to live a total experience for a day, a weekend and even a week. In any case, it made us want to prolong the pleasure!

How do I book my stay?

Looking for a gift for your loved one? Want a break to relax and disconnect? Need to get back into shape in an energizing center? Reserve your own moment at Thalazur Bandol. Whether for accommodation and/or thalassotherapy, head to the website the Ile Rousse 5* hotel et schedule your stay now:

For those who are impatient and prefer direct contact, you can also contact the establishment to reserve a night, a treatment and even a table at the following numbers:

PS : if you have the chance to test the Thalazur Bandol, do not hesitate to share your photos on Instagram by tagging us @bandoltourismeofficiel et #bandoltourismeofficial ! We will share the most beautiful photos 😉




Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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