The official website of the historic route, Bandol 360, has stopped working. But don’t panic, our only ambition is to better promote the history of our dear city. Reasons and visions for the future deciphered in this article!

Bandol 360: the end of an impractical site

Bandol 360

Although we also love walking in the alleys of Bandol from our sofa, we still have to admit it, the Bandol 360 site was really not practical ! Unusable on mobile, unintuitive design, heavy backoffice... Add to that a very limited number of views and you will obtain the perfect combo to reason with our hearts: the main residence of our historical route was becoming unsanitary. Thus, since the beginning of January 2024, a new strategy has been put in place.

where to find the historical route?

Fortunately, this stroll through time has had a holiday home since 2021, the site Bandol Tourism. A second home which, although not 100% dedicated to it, attracts not twice as much, nor three times more, nor even 100 times more, but 250 times more visitors. This is why the beautiful showcase of the tourist office site, the one that allows you to dream of your next vacation, becomes the official website of the historic route.

And the cherry on the cake, mimosa on the chocolate tartlet, the journey has a little surprise in store for our computer readers: a story-scrolling (the blue line on the right of the video). A little Tom Thumb who follows you around the city as you progress through the page. It’s a gadget yes, but we love it! (Re)discover it by clicking here:

Our ambition: to facilitate your discovery!

A clean design that adapts to mobiles, clear information, easy-to-access videos without having to rummage around everywhere (yes, we have a lot of them!): this is the principle that we offer you on the Bandol Tourisme website. So you can easily navigate from the historical route toward the coastal path or the markets and any other Bandolese subject that interests you.

Don’t forget our Youtube channel!

Chain Bandol Tourism For several years, it has hosted the videos of Jean-Marie Schneider, the historian of our city. And it will continue! So to not miss any future videos, subscribe to our channel by clicking here:

You will have understood, the Bandol 360 site has gone for the best. Our desire is and will remain to make Bandol shine throughout the world, by highlighting our history. New house, new look, new life, we assure you, the historic route still has bright days ahead of it




Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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