Looking for unique places to create lasting memories? Do you like to share your photos and videos with your family, friends or friends? followers ? Then you've come to the right place. 🙂 These are not 10, but 11 spots that we share with you to spice up your feed Instagram!

1. like a Window on the beach of RenÉcros

Raimu Street has one of the most beautiful accesses to the Renecros beach. From a distance, you can hear the laughter of children having fun in the water and you can smell the sea air mixing with summer scents. Then, we see this turquoise blue. It's such an effect wow that everyone (even the regulars) will immediately go get their phone in their bag.

Our tip for the perfect photo: go down the stairs halfway and position yourself on the left against the wall. Thus, you will be able to capture some branches of the Oleander and the palm tree in the foreground, then the shades of blue of the sea in the background.

2. The charm of the pointed on the port

Lulled by the lapping of the waters, our little colored spikes located opposite the Town hall give you a Provençal postcard landscape. These boats allowed generations of fishermen to set sail and are part of our heritage.

Our tip for the perfect photo : immortalize these beautiful bright colors by getting closer to one of the pots of olive trees.

3. the ascent of the castle: an unknown nugget

Notice to lovers of stairs! Surrounded by climbing plants and flowering shrubs, the ascent of the castle offers you a dreamy setting. On one side you will find Chateau Boyer and on the other, a sublime view of the sea and the island of Bendor. A little nugget a few steps from the downtown which is worth the detour! Moreover, this beautiful climb is also part of our historical route.

Its access is so discreet that you could almost miss it. To be sure to find it, you just have to look in front of the Deferrari parking lot, on the left side of the Key Largo hotel. There you will see a small path that will take you to the famous stairs. You cannot miss it.

Our tip for the perfect photo : prefer the afternoons (when the sun is at its zenith), the evenings at golden hour or at the time of the sunset for an enchanted luminosity.

4. Bandolaise Sunsets

Speaking of sunsets exactly. Do you also love this magical moment when the sky takes on its most beautiful shades of pink, orange and red?

Savor this show daily version Bandol, from the small creek of Hole Madam on the Corniche Bonaparte! On the program: an unobstructed view of the horizon between Île de Bendor and Île Rousse. All surrounded by pebbles nicely formed by the waves and a good dose of iodized air. Sunset lover? find the best places to admire the sunset here.

Our tip for the perfect photo : for a spectacular sunset, prefer days when the sky is a little overcast or even cloudy. Thus, the colors should be extraordinary. Remember to check the weather report before leaving!

5. bench with sea view

photo: lamer_annamaria

To sit on a bench for 5 minutes with you... 🎵 Sorry, we couldn't resist.

This bench in question awaits you between land and sea, on the coastal path, a few steps from the English Cove. The ocher of the earth, the green of the pines bent by the wind and the crystalline blue of our beautiful Med – all the ingredients are gathered for an unforgettable photo, and this, in any season.

Our tip for the perfect photo : for a Bandol touch, take the photo in the direction of Île Rousse. This island is emblematic of the city. Impossible to reproduce this photo elsewhere than in Bandol!

6. Passion palm trees on the beach

Palm trees lined up with your feet in the water, a thousand shades of blue, golden sand... You don't need to travel far to believe you're on the other side of the globe! Walk along the sunny promenade between the gaming casino and the establishment of La Réserve and let yourself be inspired by this Californian charm.

Most : The famous letters #bandol are only a few meters away. Do not miss them under any circumstances!

7. In the footsteps of former customs officers

Reconcile your passion for photography with that for hiking, anyone? From the Tourist Office, the coastal path offers you a multitude of viewpoints on the Big Blue. In the background: the song of the cicadas in summer and the sound of the waves all year round.

photo: delphb_

Our tip for the perfect photo: watch the shadows of the pines dance on the ocher ground, listen to the sound of nature and enjoy the magnificent view of this wild beach and its crystal clear waters.

8. in Wonder mode At the Capelan peninsula

This small piece of land separating two pebble beaches is one of our favorite places. Whether to admire the sunset romantic, for snorkeling with friends or for a picnic in family, this beach is a real place of life.

Our tip for the perfect (and unusual) photo: when you are on the beach, turn right to find a pretty ocher rock which gives in the direction of Île Rousse. You will then have a unique view of the coast.

9. the rise mallet

“I look towards the horizon and you stand there to take the picture”. Who recognizes himself? 😅

The stairs are simply very photogenic. So, here is another favorite spot: the Auguste Maillet climb located above the tourist office. We love it for its proximity to the city centre, the bright pink purple of its bougainvillea and for its view of the bandstand et Harbour.

Our tip for the perfect photo: to see these bougainvilleas in bloom, come between the months of May and November.

10. Between two Provençal squares

Let yourself be seduced by the Provençal charm of Place d'Estienne d'Orves in front of the Church of Saint-François-de-Sales and Place de la Liberté just below. Facades in the colors of the south, steps filled with mosaics, in the shade of the plane trees, the lapping of water from the pretty turtle fountain... We love this place!

Some photo ideas: stand against the balustrade, on the steps towards the Church. Take a picture of the view on the sunny terrace from Place d'Estienne d'Orves or sit on the edge of the fountain.

11. the sea wall and its panoramic view of the city

And we end with this superb view of the city and the port: the dyke. It is reached by walking along the quay towards the Deferrari stadium. Here you are in the front row to observe the arrivals and departures of boats, the pretty houses on the hills and the water sports enthusiasts.

Our tip for the perfect photo: personally, I love it when the sea is smooth and there's not too much wind. Don't forget: the weather report is our best ally.

Here is our top 11 instagrammable spots is finished! Ready to go hunting for beautiful photos? A little tip before you start: don't leave with a half-charged phone (I speak from experience 😂).

Follow us on Instagram @bandoltourismeofficiel and share your beautiful photos with the #bandoltourismeofficial or tag us directly in your photos! We will relay them with pleasure. 😊


Top 11 Instagrammable spots in Bandol

1. The stairs to Renécros Rue Raimu
2. Pointed
3. Climbing the Castle
4. The sunset from Trou Madame
5. The bench on the coastal path
6. Casino Beach palm trees
7. Engraviers beach
8. The Capelan peninsula
9. Auguste Maillet climb
10. The Church
11. The sea wall




A former vacationer from this beautiful region, I realized one of my biggest dreams a few years ago: to settle there. I share with you the Bandol that I fell in love with.


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