The time for preparations is already here. Your weeks off are over and now the big question is: where to spend your summer vacation in France? Well imagine that we have the answer: Bandol.

1. the essentials: sun, sea and nature

Let's start with the obvious, the number one argument of holidaymakers who come to us: in summer, Bandol adorns itself with its finest assets. As well, Southern sun, turquoise Mediterranean and typical Var landscapes are always in the game.

Bandol en Juillet

For example, a typical day could be likened to a session laze on the beach punctuated by swimming breaks to refresh itself. With why not at the end of the day, a ride on the coastal path. All in the shade of the umbrella pines and above all in the front row for admire the sunset.

We could also imagine a day punctuated by a marine excursion by kayak or paddle and picnic in a small cove accessible only by sea. With the added bonus of course snorkelling session to observe the endemic species of our coasts. We don't know you, but we can already see you there!

Bandol en Juillet

And besides, if you want get a better idea of ​​what awaits you, click on the section that speaks to you the most:

Activités nautiques

Promenades et randonnées

Les plages

2. enjoy a French Dolce vita

The reputation of the South of France and its sweetness of life is very true. Here has Bandol, happiness is easy to find and even more in summer.

Have a coffee on the terrace early in the morning to still enjoy the freshness of the day. Or ride on our daily market to unearth the most beautiful tomatoes in the area. Or be part of bowling after a well deserved nap. And why not make the pleasure last around a aperitif with friends at the end of the day. So many simple moments but which make all the charm of the holidays in Bandol.

Bandol, it is quite simply a village where life is good, out of time where the freedom to dream, to escape, to enjoy is allowed. So, if you choose our pretty town for your holidays, disconnection, simplicity and authenticity, will be the key words of your summer.

3. bandol is the perfect base for discovering the region

The icing on the cake, the pompom on the Garonne, the undeniable asset of Bandol : an extraordinary situation, halfway between Provence and the Mediterranean.

Fancy an island paradise? Porquerolles can be accessed from the port of Bandol et the island of Embiez is a short drive from here. In the program fine sandy beaches, trails to cycle through, the soul of a village lost at sea and above all the feeling that we love so much to live, even just for a day, on a Mediterranean island far from everything.

13Où passer vacances - porquerolles

Provence side, discover the villages of Cadière d'Azur and Castellet. One is a typical Provençal village and the other an old medieval town, a landmark for local designers. Their common point: un breathtaking panorama between vineyards and the Mediterranean.

Nature enthusiast? Here again, wonders are available to you: the Calanques National Park and its extraordinary waters, the Sainte-Baume Regional Natural Park for a breath of fresh air, the Destel and Baou massifs for climbing sessions with a view… The hardest part will be choosing!

Bandol is all that. Treasures in its heart and nuggets in the surroundings.

So, what are you waiting for to book your next vacation with us?




Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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