In general, the month of September is often synonymous with the start of the school year. Back to school, back to work… But if we tell you that in fact September is the best month of the year, do you believe us?

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We admit, we are a little divided in writing these lines. Do we really have to reveal our biggest secret to you? Share with you this tip that will only make your stay more beautiful? Well, if it's for you, we want to tell you. But keep it to yourself !

September is undoubtedly the best time to visit Bandol. There it is said. You can ask any bandolese, he will tell you. Or, he will first tell you that it is July or August. If he tells you that, it's because he will have figured out that you are a vacationer and that he wants his peace of September.

But reality is what it is the month of September in Bandol is fabulous.

O dear beloved month of September

Out the overwhelming heat the summer that tires you out when you first step outside. Out the scorching sun which forces you to take with you 4L of water to make the coastal path. Out the tan lines infamous marcel (let's say it) obtained in less than 5 minutes of walking. And hello the little fresh air that feels good. Hello the milder temperatures arriving, turning this gloomy back-to-school season into Indian summer. Hello, motivation found for explore the alleys of downtown et hiking trails around.

So be careful, who says milder temperatures does not necessarily say goodbye to the beach, quite the contrary. The temperatures of the water and the air are trying to come together to make our swimming session even more enjoyable. Even if sunscreen is always in order, you can spend a morning the beach without being knocked out by the dodger.

Pleasant morning and / or beach day, therefore, but also so much quieter than in the middle of summer ! Because, who says August crowd gone, says:

  • More spaces free on the beaches
  • A water that finally finds its clarity
  • Less noise and therefore a easier disconnection

And then speaking of noise precisely. Although we love our little ones, we have to admit it, a beach without a cry (yes we go in the clichés yes) with like the only background noise is the surf of the waves on the pebbles, it's still the best.

It's also the harvest season, a milestone for our region. It is during this period that the wines that you will taste in a few years come into play. This is also why September is the most important month for winegrowers.

And level of activities?

Most nautical and summer leisure service providers continue their activity at least until September 15. Boating, discovery of the islands, rental of nautical equipment will therefore still be at your disposal during your stay. Better obviously since fewer people and therefore less need to book well in advance each outing.

In addition thecountryside also play the game. The villages are calmer, the world less present, more accessible points of view and even more spectacular photos with a nature that begins to change color. The pretty green vines put on their mid-season outfit and become more orange. Just like the leaves of the plane trees which begin their descent to the ground.

September = paradise

In summary, September is the best month of the year for a peaceful holiday in Bandol. The month when Bandol will reveal all its assets and where you will feel the most in paradise. Say goodbye to the gray skies of the cities and the low morale of the start of the school year and hello to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and to well-being.

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Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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