The question that comes up most often at the Office: what is the most beautiful beach in Bandol? So to remove the mystery, although we were very reluctant to keep it secret, here without further delay our top 3.

3. Engraviers beach

The range that comes in 3rd position in this top is that of Engravers. Last range of Bandol West side, located at the foot of the first real climb of the coastal path, this range is also farthest from downtown. Disadvantage for some, advantage for others, this pebble cove with the merit of being surrounded by nature, away from the road and crowds.

Besides this reason, we melt in front of its raw landscape, between ocher rocks and green umbrella pines. May this be in winter to recharge your batteries or make ricochets or in full summer to cool off during a lazy session, this beach will inevitably seduce you.

2. Capelin beach

Presquile-du-Capelan Bandol

How to make a top 3 of the most beautiful beaches of Bandol without mentioning that of Capelin ? Iconic of our dear city, it has inspired many artists including Monsieur Z who drew his portrait. Its main asset: a peninsula that looks like a desert island, a veritable breeding ground for underwater species. Thereby, if you are a fan of snorkelling, this beach is for you.

Its other advantage, besides the beauty of its waters, is that it is also located on the coastal path. Right next to the Municipal Tennis and bowling greens. Do you see where we are coming from? Yes, we offer you an afternoon bowling, interspersed with swimming sessions to cool off with an aperitif on the beach in front of the sunset.

Because yes, in addition to being one of the 3 most beautiful beaches in Bandol, it is also a superb spot for watch the sunset.

1. Renecros Beach

Plage Renecros Bandol

Obviously. The largest sandy cove in Bandol. The one that hosted a large part of the history of our city and the characters that go with it. We are of course talking about Renecros beach. Besides, Monsieur Z also dedicated an illustration to him.

To set the scene for you, imagine a bay below the city, hidden from the road and its nuisances, with a sea of ​​a thousand shades of blue and golden sand. We understand better why the sublime Hotel Ile Rousse*****, the elegant Le Splendid hotel or the excellent restaurant The Chipote have chosen this beach as their place of residence.

And who says sand, obviously says castles! Children will enjoy themselves in all seasons with sandcastles on the program in the summer and a quicksand race on the posidonia in the winter. Ideal for a day, a weekend or a week's vacation with the familylthem.

& you which one is your favourite?

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Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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