Learn more about the seabed and prepare for your next snorkelling trip with this new online encyclopedia.

A story of enthusiasts

Fishipedia is the idea of ​​2 developers, Benoit Chartrer and Yuhei Nakata, both passionate about marine life. Their idea was to create an encyclopedic social network dedicated to fish and aquatic ecosystems.


Based on content validated by specialists and simplified ergonomics, Fishipedia has been designed to help you deepen your knowledge related to aquaristic, diving and sustainable fishing practices.

Why a Fishipedia?

In these times of profound change, we believe that it is fundamental to communicate more and more about environmental issues impacting biodiversity in the natural environment.

Behind this brilliant idea are also hidden brilliant aspirations ...

  • sensitize : providing free information on marine biodiversity;
  • Login : the public among themselves to share their passion for aquatic flora and fauna;
  • Innovate : by developing new participatory science tools;
  • Protect : species and ecosystems by regularly publishing surveys and participating in projects that make things happen.

All this in order to preserve our magnificent marine flora and fauna.

Why are you concerned?

Mérou Méditerranée Bandol Fishipedia

Enthusiasts and amateurs of aquatic life, you will be brought during your holidays to put your head under water. To discover the wonders of the aquatic world while preserving them, certain rules must be observed:

  • When swimming, take care of go through sandy areas so as not to trample on corals or marine ecosystems;
  • Bring back your waste to throw them in a trash can and if possible, collect at least the plastics and other non-renewable waste crossed on your way;
  • Don't buy seashells, dried starfish, or corals in shops. This unfettered trade is wreaking havoc among the populations of the species mentioned above. These animals are much more interesting to observe in their environment.

The Mediterranean in all this?

A special tab is available on the site! On the menu, discovery of endemic species of our coasts, but also of those threatened, responsible practices guide to adopt and advice to optimize your explorations in mask and snorkel.

Besides, we can only advise you to go find out what a Gobi Bee is, it's so cute ! To do this, just click here.

We don't know you, but this responsible and super fun initiative is already appealing to us. So don't waste a minute and go to their beautiful site for find out what awaits youd when your next vacation in the Mediterranean:




Born in Bandol, after a few trips I returned to my first love, my city. My ambition: to make you discover the most beautiful place in the world, Bandol of course.

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