Bathing water Quality

Even though the legislation asks for 10 analysis of each beach per season by the ARS, Bandol city goes further... 

with first of all, a request of 20 analysis of each beach or creek and then, since the 1st June 2010, daily analysis on its swimming waters by the SEM for the 4 most frequented beaches.

The town decided to integrate complementary analysis to be more reactive and to prevent the quality of the swimming waters.

When a beach obtains a bad result by the SEM, the town immediately asks for the closing of the concerned beach.

The re-opening is done after official analysis of the ARS.


There are two different methods:

· The SEM : our delegate uses enzyme during 1 hour or Colilert during 18 hours.

· The ARS gives the most exact results (micro plaques and fluorescence) and proposes a diagnosis between 36 and 48 hours.

These analyses are stuck up on each site, at the town hall, at the tourist information office and at the environment service.

To see these results of the ARS (Regional Agency for Health), beach by beach, please visit :  Health Ministry Official website