Window to The Var



W I N D O W   T O   ...    T H E    V  A  R 


We got involved into a solidarity chain through Covid19 - hard times to highlight our destination & make you live it.

Although we're all concerned by quarantine at the moment, we suggest you to discover & enjoy The Var in another way, full of poetry, humour, hope & light.

Look closer, even through the window something unique may happen & just for us all. 


! Why a window ?

Because with quarantine we need this strong link with the outside.

Because this means a new way of watching things : A window to the Var is your own vision of it, just like it would belong to you.

Beyond the window, we need to know how you feel, what you prefer, your own stories.

To make this solidarity chain continue, we do need you. 

So, are you ready to look around you?


Post your own pictures, videos, reading ideas, films or recipes... using hashtags such as : #FenetresurleVar et #FenetresurlaFrance

Please get in touch with our Instagram account @visit_var to let us forward your posts or to share your fave commented pictures ! And now...up to your shots !