• Known as a shelter for sailors all through the ages, the harbor of Bandol occupies today, with a capacity of 1600 places, the 9th place of harbors in France.
  • This port of call puts at disposal 160 places for ships travelling.The quay of honor can welcome units from 20 to 40 meters and provides a modern comfort with an access to water and electricity.One part of the harbor is reserved for the traditional sharps. Hugely frequented duringsummertime, the harbor is also busy all year long.
  • There is a petrol station (open every day round the clock) and a careenage area for ships up to 35 tons. 
  • Winner of the “Pavillon Bleu” since 1998, the harbor possesses specific installations to clear out engine oile and used water.
  • There is also WIFI equipment and video protection. The harbor has been welcoming since 1995 the “Salon du Nautisme de Bandol”which is after Marseille and Cannes saloons, one of the most important exhibition of boats in the region.

Bandol a harbour in town center

  •  4th Marina on the French Riviera, Bandol focus on quality & service.